5 Tips For Preventing The Flu In Your Workplace

The flu has hit us hard this year. When you look at the statistics, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) says that there has been “widespread flu activity” this year. No kidding. It’s hard to turn on the television news without seeing a report on people that have died from this potentially serious illness.
As a septic company and business owner, you may have noticed a spike in the number of sick days your employees are taking. The flu is everywhere. There are even studies that suggest it might be spread easier than you might think. So what can you do to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace? Here are a few key tips on flu prevention that you should practice at your liquid waste offices, around your septic trucks, and are just great practices, in general, to help prevent the flu from barreling through your workers.

Tip #5: Schedule a Flu Shot Day At Your Office
This is a great idea at the start of the flu season but if you didn’t do this for this season there is always next year to consider. Most insurance companies will provide you with a doctor and nurse duo that will come right to your home office to give flu shots to your employees who want them. Have people sign up in advance for specific times to cover each person that wants to participate. You may cut down on the number of your employees that get the flu and call off sick. It’s better for your bottom line in the long run to have healthy workers, obviously.
Of course, you can’t force anyone on your team to get the flu shot, but encouragement and the simple availability of the flu shots right in your office might convince people to do it, if not just for convenience sake.

Tip #4: Make Sure Restroom Facilities Are Fully Stocked
Now is not the time to be running out of beneficial germ-killing soap in your restrooms. Make sure that includes antibacterial soap and paper towels that are always in full supply. Post signs that encourage beneficial hand washing practices to prevent the spread of flu and cold germs.

Tip #3: Wipe Down Door Knobs And Handles Twice A Day
If you don’t have a cleaning staff to do this every day and it falls on you or one of your office members, make sure it gets done with a germ-busting cleaner that has some bleach. A thorough wipe down of all door knobs, handles, phones, and other common items people are touching can help prevent the spread of flu germs. Do this twice a day at the minimum, both in the morning and at night before you leave for the day.

Tip #2: Send Cleaning Supplies With Your Crews
Alcohol-based sanitizer should be readily available in all your trucks. You can get small bottles in bulk from your office supply company at a decent price. Your septic workers come in contact with the public and customers all around your city that might have the flu. Having some hand sanitizer in copious amounts available in all their trucks will help to keep them protected from some of the germs they encounter while on their routes and service calls.

Tip #1: Encourage Sick Days
Don’t have a culture at your septic company that completely discourages calling off. Of course, you don’t want your employees to bail on their working shifts for reasons other than just being sick.
If someone is truly sick, they shouldn’t be at work. End of story. It’s better to be safe than sorry on this front. Also when you see an employee at work who seems like they have a pretty bad flu, send them right home. Don’t hesitate on this one. People sometimes try to cope and come to work anyway when they are sick.
The flu can even be spread by just breathing the air that a sick person has been in. That one ill person can take down your whole staff with the flu, if you aren’t supportive of sick days.

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