New Tech For The New Year

Technology can be a beautiful thing. Advances in it can help you as a liquid waste company and owner hopefully save money, time, and even protect your employees and your business as a whole. You probably already use some fancy tech, like GPS in your trucks, but there are some other advancements coming your way that you might not know about yet. Let’s look at some cool new tech ideas that you may want to invest in for the coming new year for your septic company. Keep in mind for tech to be helpful, it needs to be easy to use and ideally shave a few bucks off your bottom line. That’s the overall goal anyway. Here are some technology ideas that may be useful to incorporate into septic work.

Tech Idea #5: Dash Cams
This isn’t necessarily new technology, but more and more companies are choosing to install them in their truck fleets. There are so many benefits to being able to monitor what goes on in your pumping trucks, but a few of them to consider are fewer incidents, safer driving, and more accurate liability reports. Everything that happens inside your trucks and around the dash is right there in digital video recording for you to look over at any time. This fact takes the question out of customer complaints and issues as well.
Your insurance company may also lower your insurance premiums by quite a few dollars off your monthly rate when you install brand new dash cams into all your vehicles. Make sure you talk to your specific insurance company to find out what the installation of dash cams will save you rate-wise on your premiums. It’s definitely worth looking into. You may even want to change carriers to get a better rate going into the new year.

Tech Idea #4: Remote Controlled Vacuum Systems
A pumper system that you can operate by remote control? Yes, please! This was introduced at 2017 Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport Show (WWETT). Imperial Industries created this system that cuts back on the time it takes to do a job. Your crews don’t have to run back and forth shutting off neutral and pressure modes at the access point of the septic tank. It’s all run by a handy remote control. Brilliant! It also contributes to a safer job operation and in general is a terrific time saver in the long run.

Tech Idea #3: New Pipeline Inspection Tools
Having advanced inspection equipment will allow you to inspect pipeline problems with better efficiency and greater ease. You’ll get to the root of the problem faster to discover the best way to handle septic repairs. There are all kinds of newer specialty equipment out there that’s going to allow exciting advances in the liquid waste industry for diagnostic repair issues. It might be time to upgrade the old tools you have been using for many years.

Tech Idea #2: 3D Scanning Tech For Manholes
Brand new tech for scanning manholes in 3D is rapidly becoming available. This is better than old-school systems because it allows a more accurate scan before and after repair work is done. It’s called a Cues SPiDER Scanner and it’s taking manhole scanning up a notch. Wireless and in color, this device will free up your inspectors from making inaccurate calculations in the manhole, which is definitely something worth looking into.

Tech Idea #1: Driverless Trucks
Just kidding on this one. It’s not available yet of course, but different industries are testing driverless cars and trucks mainly for transporting goods on long-haul highway operations. It’s natural to think that pumper trucks or other industrial vehicles might drive themselves in the future. Surely Elon Musk of Tesla is working on that one right now. Can you imagine having a fully automated fleet doing all the work?

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