All About Image: How To Improve Your Working Crews

Septic servicing is a messy business. Of course, the people you employ in your working crews are doing tons of hands-on hard work to tackle all those tasks that your company provides its customers. Things like cleaning out grease traps, servicing septic tanks, and sewer pumping require good old fashioned elbow grease and hard work. Your crews are going to get a little dirty in the process and that’s to be expected. There are ways to make sure your image as a company is still represented well by your crews. Here are some ways to improve the look of your crews, so that your liquid waste company still maintains a great image for all to see.

Provide A Uniform
If you don’t have a company uniform with at least shirts provided for your crews that have your logo prominently displayed, it’s time to step up your image game. You could also do dark colored Carhartt utility pants as well. This is a much better look than the denim jeans that most crew members seem to wear on the job.
T-shirts or button up garage style cotton work shirts that are durable and comfortable will help present your crews to the public better. It’s also good advertising to have your logo on all company uniform gear.
This may also include coats for the winter or hoodies and sweatshirts that you’ll want to provide. Going even further than that, coveralls are a professional way to protect your employees’ clothing when they are on the job. Disposable boot covers are also a great idea, especially if some of your crew members have to enter a business they are servicing.
Don’t forget a baseball cap too that your crews could potentially wear in their off time to further spread the word about your septic company to possible clients. If you give them hats that are high quality, stylish, and comfortable they will wear them more often. You don’t want to cheap out on this hat with plastic adjustable backs, try to get the ones that have fitted or have a cloth adjustable back to change up the size.

Utilize A Laundry Service
This is very helpful to your crews. If you want to provide laundry service, their shirts will get much cleaner than what they are probably using at home to wash all their clothes. Laundry services that service uniforms on a daily basis tend to get out stains and dirt much better than home machines, when your employees are cleaning their own uniforms.

You Can Add Terms To Personal Grooming
When you hire your crews, you can have terms specifically defined for personal grooming. This may include things like hair length or facial hair, but ultimately it’s up to you as a company on what you want to tolerate.

Give Them Basic Cleaning Needs For The Trucks
Make sure you provide them with hand cleaning supplies like wipes and Purell. Paper towels and cleaning solutions for the trucks to have on hand is very helpful in keeping nice and tidy. These in a pinch can help your crews clean-up when they are on the job site and might not have access to a sink.

Stress The Importance Of Image
You’ll need to convey to your working crews the importance of looking right on the job. Even in a blue collar job that requires lots of sweaty and dirty work, there has to be some kind of semblance of put together image.
If you notice that you have certain employees that regularly look like a mess, have a talk with them sooner rather than later. Laziness about your appearance may seem like an okay way to be in some outdoor jobs, but if you don’t want your crews to look disheveled, you have to speak up.
After all, every time they are on a job, there are potential clients looking at them and everything they do when they are out and about. Make sure they represent your company in the right way image-wise, so you don’t have to worry about people thinking poorly of your company.

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