5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Sponsor A Local Little League Team

Little LeagueWhat’s the best pastime that America loves to watch and play? It’s baseball, of course! Nothing says summer and fun like getting out on the old ball field and playing a game with friends. Why not support someone’s dream of playing by having your liquid waste company sponsor a local little league team? These kids are truly deserving of your sponsorship, because all they want to do is get out there and play ball. The really little ones who play t-ball are just so darn cute to watch!
There’s really not very much involved other than buying their uniforms, some equipment, and maybe the end of season trophies for those little sluggers. Plus, if they win the championship, you can put their team photo up on the wall at your company’s office. Clients will see that gesture of goodwill up on your wall when they come into your office. Here are some reasons why your company should sponsor a local little league team. So let’s root, root, root for
 the hometeam!

Reason #5: It’s Terrific Advertising

Word of mouth is one of the reasons you probably get a ton of business in the first place. Having the sponsorship of a little league team is basically free advertising in the long run. People will see that you are sponsoring their team and naturally want to send business your way. It’s a total win for your company to be visible that way around the community with the name of your brand printed on every t-shirt.

Reason #4: Tax Breaks For Your Company

This type of little league sponsorship can be a tax write-off, because most kids sports are classified as non-profit operations. It’s considered a charitable expense, so your could receive a reduction on your company’s taxes. Talk to your tax attorney on how to best go about setting this deduction up, so that you can maximize the savings when you go to file your taxes each year. All deductions you get can add up to savings over time that make a difference.

Reason #3: Sponsorship Helps Foster Community Spirit

This can’t be stated enough. When you help out the youngsters in your community, it does help foster community spirit and goodwill. Nothing is better than knowing your liquid waste company is participating in a great cause to fund kids playing sports. Without sponsorships, this time-tested tradition of children being in sporting activities will cease to exist. It’s already becoming less and less popular in less privileged communities who can’t afford to put together teams. Everyone will look favorably on your company as an asset to the community when you help out in this way. This is the true reason to do it, above all else.

Reason #2: It Doesn’t Just Have To Be Baseball

If you think you’d get more out of sponsoring a local hockey team or pee-wee football team, have at it. Any sports sponsorship is going to help out the kids in your local community, so it doesn’t matter what sport you choose. Maybe soccer is really popular in your town and you’d like to go in that direction. In any case, think of the sport that gets the most people involved in your town to look towards sponsoring a team. It doesn’t just have to be baseball.

Reason #1: More Advertising

This really can’t be stated enough, that’s why it’s on here twice. Having your liquid waste company’s name on the team uniforms, in the scoreboard area of the baseball field, and even on the trophies is all advertising for you. People who need your septic services will naturally think of your company, because it’s your name they will think of first. That includes the parents and friends of every kid on the team and anyone they talk to. It’s word of mouth referrals like wildfire, with this sponsorship technique.
Plus, it’s usually only going to cost your company a donation fee of around $200-$500 depending on the area you live in. It’s a drop in the bucket for all the visible advertising you’ll receive.


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