Throw The Best Employee Summer BBQ Bash

employee_bbqSummer is practically here! What that means in the liquid waste industry is that the work obviously still must go on, even though many of your employees might have their head in the summer clouds! Septic systems still need to get cleaned and repaired, but everyone should have a day for some summertime enjoyment with their co-workers.
So what better way, as the company’s owners, to show your appreciation to your employees during this busy summer season than by throwing the absolute best summer BBQ bash? You have quite a few options in throwing the perfect employee party; it doesn’t even have to be the proverbial hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Think outside the box a bit for a fabulous summer party that all your employees will talk about for years to come. Plan an outing well in advance, so you can make sure to get the ideal space to have your summer blowout and invite everyone’s families to attend for a better all-around experience. Here are some cool ideas for a hot summer party that will impress all your hard working crews.

Pick A Fun Location

Employee picnics are a popular idea during the summer time, but you know what’s even better? Going somewhere super fun! Think amusement parks, the zoo, or even a local water park to get everyone excited about a spectacular work outing. Sometimes a basic summer picnic can be a little boring, so having it at a destination location is the way to go. People will get really excited about bringing their entire families to the event, so budget and plan to have a fun filled day that takes everyone out of their regular routines. It’s definitely a more fun memory that day to reminisce over how you talked that stuffy guy in your accounting department on the tallest roller coaster at the amusement park!

Take In A Ballgame

If sports will appeal to your employees more, take the summer bash to a fun baseball game. Many cities have MLB baseball teams that will give group outing discount tickets on certain day games. Those are usually the best deal for larger groups. If you don’t have a Major League team close by, consider a minor league ball club’s stadium. Some of the new triple A ball teams facilities are outfitted with cool amenities, club seating, and have great views of the sporting action. Beer, hot dogs, and baseball in the summer sun with your co-workers and their families sounds like a great way to spend a fun-filled day.

A Hotel’s Pool and Suite

Pick a local hotel that has a terrific outdoor pool to have your summertime employee bash. Everyone loves to swim and hang out at the cabanas that are poolside. Most hotels will let you rent a “courtesy suite” for the day and have use of the pool for your party on an agreed upon fee. Have the hotel cater the food, and this is one fun bash that’s completely taken care of for you.

A Beer Garden

Many hard-working crews obviously love their beer, so why not take the employee party to a local beer garden and brewery? Craft beer is so popular right now that more and more local breweries are popping up in big and small cities all over America. You can easily rent out space to host your own employee party that features some tasty brews for your crews to enjoy. Just make sure you rent a party bus to get everyone home safely.

If You Have To Hold The Party On Site

If you still would rather have it on site at your company’s back docks, that’s okay too. Set up a tent, seating, and try to bring in some entertainment, like games and sporting equipment that your employees can enjoy. Think specifically cornhole tournaments, a volleyball net, and even a bocce that can go on during the festivities. Hanging out in the summer is still so much fun with entertainment, drinks, and good food in the nice weather that it almost doesn’t matter where you have the bash.

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