Innovative Wastewater Treatment System Introduced to California in San Diego

San Diego- Presby Environmental of Whitefield, NH introduced its innovative passive wastewater treatment and dispersal system to California with its first installations in San Diego County. San Diego County, which is the first county in the state to have its Local Agency Management Program (LAMP) approved, has permitted Presby Environmental’s patented Advanced Enviro-Septic® AES system for residential and commercial onsite wastewater treatment use. The passive treatment and dispersal system eliminates the need for mechanical parts, chemicals, electricity, and virtually all maintenance providing a highly effective system at an affordable cost.
Marcus Collins of American Construction Septic installed a new 900 gallons per day (GPD) on June 29th for a newly constructed six- bedroom residence in Rainbow, California. The original septic design was for a conventional septic system that would have been constructed a half mile from the house at a cost of more than $80,000. The designer, Malcolm Vinje of Vinje & Middleton Engineering, Inc. instead designed AES system that fit in an approximate 31’ by 55’ sized footprint near the house site at about a quarter of the cost.
The new technology and installation gathered attention of local contractors, engineers, and suppliers to participate in learning more about the AES system. Ten contractors participated in a hands-on training session and were certified by Presby for installing the system. “We are excited about this product,” said Mike McCarley, a contractor from McCarley Construction. Not only will it be an affordable option as an Aerobic Treatment Unit system, but it will replace conventional systems.”
This was the second Presby AES system installed in San Diego County, a three-bedroom 450 GPD system on a sloping lot in December 2015. Additional Presby system installations are planned throughout the state in the near future, and the technology looks to take hold in California. Presby markets products for residential, commercial, small community, and municipal waste water treatment applications.
The Presby AES system treats wastewater to federal, state, and local standards through a process where naturally occurring bacteria break down and digest contaminants are established in Presby’s patented 12” perforated pipe engineered with a single layer of a randomly oriented green fibers, black geotextile, and a bio-accelerator® mat. The combination of these membranes, geo-textile, and fibers provide the bacteria with an ample amount of surface area to digest wastewater organic contaminants. The system is passively vented to ensure successful aerobic bacterial treatment.
“AES product will give California homeowners, business owners, and communities an affordable option to mechanical wastewater treatment systems where the costs are high and the maintenance can be a nightmare,” said Lee Rashkin the Vice President of Presby Environmental, the manufacturer of the Advanced Enviro-Septic® system.
Presby Environmental, Inc. (PEI) is the manufacturer of a patented line of complimentary onsite waste water treatment technologies since 1995. PEI combines its technical knowledge, field experience, innovative design, and efficient manufacturing processes to support its core products of passive wastewater treatment systems.

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