Imperial Industries Introduces Septic Truck Featuring An All-New Fully Remote-Controlled Vacuum System

Remote Control Functionality Available for Installation on any of Imperial’s Stock or Custom Service Truck Units

At February’s 2017 WWETT Show, Imperial Industries introduced a one of the industry’s stand-out innovations of 2017: a fully remote-controlled vacuum system, designed to help operators dramatically cut the time they spend on the job site.
The remote control system will include full control of the tank’s PTO and pneumatic valves, providing operators with the ability to switch between vacuum, neutral and pressure modes without ever leaving a septic tank’s access point.
“It’s going to be a huge timesaver, and in this line of work, time is money,” said Kurt Mannel, vice president of Imperial Industries. “Plus, by eliminating the need for operators to run to and from their truck several times during a single site visit, we’ll be doubling down on safety, helping them protect against potential accidents near tank access covers.”
The new remote system is now available to be installed on any of Imperial’s stock service truck units, and may also be added to truck and tank combinations that are custom-fit to an operator’s needs. Visit to learn more.

About Imperial Industries
At Imperial Industries, we’ve been designing and manufacturing specialized storage solutions for more than 35 years – constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of your industry. That dedication to growing alongside our valued customers has allowed us to advance from a maker of agricultural feed bins into the industry leader in manufacturing industrial bulk storage tanks as well as commercial sanitation tanks, trucks, replacement parts and accessories. Today, Imperial Industries operates four distinct product lines, serving the industrial bulk storage, commercial waste and agricultural markets, and offering a full line of replacement and custom parts and accessories for your commercial waste tanks and trucks.

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