Joey Ridgle Septic, An Interview with Joey Ridgle

Let’s talk a little bit about your background and the history of your company. How did you start into the septic industry?
Joey Ridgle Septic is known for being the “doctor of dookie.” If you are sick you go to the doctor to get better, so if your septic system is sick, you call the “doctor of dookie” and we’ll be right there to make it better. I started this business in June of 1997. We have been blessed with some very experienced veterans in this field, with a combined 60 years of experience in this industry. Our aim is to please, with our motto being “Do unto others, as you would have done unto you.” We don’t want just a one time customer, we want a customer for life. As a practice we like to know our customers on a personal and business level.

What kind of background do you come from, as far as your training goes?
After serving time for my country in the military, I decided to start my family and began working in the civilian world. I have always enjoyed equipment operation. Then I started on the job training and working with my brother-in-law, who owned LMC Septic.

How did you branch off into creating your own company?
After working for LMC Septic for a year, I purchased a septic truck and began pumping septic tanks in the evenings, after working on the install crew at LMC Septic. Our reputation grew as being a honest, dependable, and fair company. As a result, the work increased. At this time we became aware of the need for the maintenance of aerobic treatment systems that were being installed by several companies at a record pace, LMC being one of those companies.
At this point we started providing aerobic maintenance contracts, and found great pleasure in being able to help our customers with good routine maintenance. LMC continued to do the installs and we just worked together to keep all our services available to the clients. As a consumer, I like to go to one place and receive all my services. That is something we can provide.

How is your current business model put into place?
Our business started as homeowners and private individuals. It has grown, so now we have many home builders and commercial accounts that we service.

What specific services do you offer and how are you different from other septic companies?
We offer all types of septic service. As of May 2009, the owner of LMC decided to sell his part of the installation company. We were able to maintain LMC installation business and now the owner serves as our superintendent and adds great value to our business.
Now we provide commercial and residential pumping, installs, and repair. That’s everything our company offers under one roof. That way we provide our customers with complete septic service. Having your septic working correctly is a necessity in life. It is a must and not just a want; therefore, our service is 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We always answer our phones with prompt responses to all our calls.

Can you name some of the equipment items that are key to running your business?
We are a full septic company with four pump trucks, four service tech trucks, two repair techs, and two full install crews. All of our business plays an important role. There are times during the construction months that the installation crews work really long hours. The pump trucks are busy during the rainy wet season and our service techs are the most consistent everyday, rain or shine. We rely on all parts of our business to be successful.

How many employees do you have in the office and on your crews?
We started in the comfort of our own home. There were just two employees, just “mom and pop”, but now we have a full administrative staff and 17 other employees.

Do you have any special ways you train or boost morale among your employees?
We do have monthly staff and safety meetings. We give “Fred” awards, which are similar to an “employee of the month.” Also gift cards are given to those who provide the best production of the month. Our veterans do provide the training for the new employees. We also provide continuing education to our techs and install crew.

How many clients do you service?
We have over 2000 aerobic maintenance clients. There are over 400 new install jobs per year. We need all of our clients to be successful, as they are very important to us. As a fully-staffed full service septic company, there are times when one department may be slower while the other departments are busy. We work together as a team to keep everyone employed and our customer service as a top priority.

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