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Being a family owned and operated business for over forty years, Brian’s Septic Service has a long list of satisfied clients in Jefferson, Gadsden, Wakulla, and Leon counties. We were lucky enough to chat with Brian and he was more than willing to share the humble beginnings of Brian’s Septic Service.

ALW: So tell us a little about yourself Brian. What kind of training and education have you received? What was one of the things that initially brought you to the septic business? What was a motivator that made you want to pursue business in the septic industry? What was your occupation before you entered the septic business? How did your previous work influence your current work in regards to the septic industry?
Brian: I was born and raised here in Tallahassee, FL. I am married with two children. I have been doing this work literally all of my life. I am a third generation septic contractor. My granddad started in the septic tank industry nearly 60 years ago. I have worked in the family septic tank business all of my life until 2005. That’s when I started my own company, Brian’s Septic Service.

ALW: So let us know a little about the history of your business. When you initially started out, who was working with you? What kind of modifications or changes have you made since you joined the business?
Brian: I started my business in 2005 with just one pump truck and no employees. Today, we have 3 pump trucks, 2 excavators, 1 backhoe, 1 tank set truck, service truck and 8 employees.

ALW: So what is your current business model? How did you go about structuring your business and its current practices? What kind of configurations, organizations, models, or plans did you use when you set up your business structure? To set up your business structure, what kind of market research did you do to get an understanding of the area you’re working in?
Brian: My business model is, and what we strive for every single day is to be “Prompt and Professional”. When a customer calls, answer the phone, be professional, know what your talking about, be able to answer their question. Be able to get to their home quick to solve their problem. When you show up to their house, be dressed professionally with your pump truck clean and be knowledgeable of what your doing.

ALW: What kind of services does your business offer? What is your most successful division? Why do you think this division is the most successful? In terms of each division, what is the breakdown?
Brian: We offer pumping septic tanks, pumping grease traps, install new septic tank systems, install new advanced treatment systems, install new drain field systems. We do anything associated with septic tank systems. Our most successful division is new septic system and drain field installations. Our installation division is successful because we install systems that work very well, easy to maintain, and that work for a long time.

ALW: What are some of the services and features that set your company apart from the competition? How did you create these unique services and features to cater to your audiences?
Brian: We have some great competition in the Tallahassee area. We strive to offer fast service at fair rates. We arrive at our customer’s home with clean trucks with a smile on our face. I believe customer service is what sets apart from our competition.

ALW: How do you identify or respond to new or existing market segments that provide excellent opportunities for growth and why they provide growth? What type of growth model do you currently have in place? What is your target growth percentage? What factors do you think contribute to the success of your business? Have you noticed any patterns in the success of your business? What kind of problems have you faced (as a business) and how did you handle them?
Brian: The success of our business comes from our excellent customer service. The majority of our calls are referrals from other satisfied customers. We face problems like any other business. Equipment breaks down, trucks breaks down, employees calls in sick. When something negative happens, we all come together and turn it into a positive.

ALW: How many employees do you have working for the company? What titles do they have? How do you organize and implement your employee and managerial structure?
Brian: We have 8 employees. one Supervisor, three Operators/ Drivers, two Technicians, two Secretaries. I work with my secretaries through out the day planning, scheduling, organizing our day and future projects.

ALW: How does your business boost efficiency and morale in your workers?
Brian: We pay our employees at a higher rate than our market is used to for our industry. We provide them with the newest and very best equipment available to make their job easier.

ALW: What kind of trucks and equipment do you use?
Brian: We have 3 pump trucks, 4000 gallon, (2) 2500 gallon, a tank set truck, 2 John Deere excavators, John Deere backhoe, and a service truck

ALW: How many clients do you work with annually? What are some of your bigger clients?
Brian: We average over 2500 clients annually. We work for a number of major builders and plumbers in the Tallahassee area. The majority of our business is residential.

ALW: What are some of the more challenging aspects of your industry?
Brian: The more challenging aspects of our industry would have to be with the State permitting process and all the regulations that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

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