Monitoring Your Workforce With The Newest Tech

Sheryn Bates of Liquid Waste Management Houston is a champion for her employees. She says that one of the best ways to boost efficiency among your staff is to simply hire the right people in the first place. Obviously, from a management standpoint that’s the way to go, but when you have a large staff it might be hard to keep track of exactly what everyone is doing at all time.
Luckily, there is a bounty of new technology that will help you monitor your workforce in many different ways. Some of your crew are going to be working the pumper trucks exclusively at night, so there are different concerns for that hourly job as well. Here are a few tips on how to effectively monitor your workforce with some new options that weren’t available decades ago.

Check Out The WWETT Show
This is an industry-geared trade show called the “Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport” show, to be held in February, 2017 in Indiana. As a yearly event for environmental professionals, you can get a ton of great ideas on how to boost your business proficiency among your labor employees.
The technology and equipment they have on display is truly top notch, cutting edge gear. You are going to want to see for yourself all the ways technology can improve your company’s bottom line when it comes to your employees.
Over 12,000 industry pros attend each year, so the exchange of ideas and information is quite valuable for a liquid waste professional management team or owners. The expo hall, with over 500 vendor displays, will especially give you some quality ideas for workplace technology.
There are also over 100 informational sessions led by industry leaders that will help you in your business. A great one regarding monitoring your workforce will be given by Ellen Rohr, the President at Zoom Drain Franchise Company. Her presentation, “Back On Track: How To Have The Tough Conversations” is all about getting your team on track the right way. You’ll know what to do when you find out that someone in your crew is slacking off.

Utilize a Newer Tracking App
GPS systems that track your employees exact whereabouts when they are in your pumping trucks is a standard practice nowadays. So finding the latest ones with the newest technology is going to give you options in monitoring that you’ve never had before. If your system is a bit outdated, it might be time to invest in one of the newer ones. You can even install tracking apps in the company smartphones your workforce carries on the job. That way, you’ll be able to see accurately what your employees are doing when you aren’t there with them in person.
Vismo is a terrific one to try for pinpointed employee monitoring. As a GPS-based service you can also use it on any Apple or Android phone. It provides highly detailed maps right down to the street level for having that continuous watchful eye over your labor force. Don’t think of it as invasive, but just good insurance for your business. You want your staff to be as productive as possible. This will let you know right away if they aren’t doing their jobs up to the level you expect as an employer.

Better Hourly Labor Tracking
The old method of punching the time clock is sorely outdated. Is your labor force still doing that to keep track of their time? You want to make sure you have a payroll tracking method in place that is completely accurate. EPay Systems is the latest in time tracking that is precise. You don’t have to worry that your employees are taking advantage of you time-wise. This system easily works with even the most complex labor environments. Even if you have multiple work sites or union labor contracts, this service can handle it all with ease.
The aim is to reduce your labor costs by at least 5 percent with the best tracking possible. This uses biometric time clocks, mobile time tracking, online, and telephone time tracking. As a complete system, it’s going to cover all the bases without any guesswork involved. Reporting and labor analytics are also available to your management staff with alerts and messaging that will conform to your needs.
American Liquid Waste Magazine is proud to bring you the most comprehensive information about your industry. Check back with us often for new articles, and spotlights on those in your industry that are succeeding at every level to be inspired by what they are doing right. We know that workforce management can be a tricky part of your administrative duties, but with the right technology by your side, it can assist you in keeping your labor force on track.

Story by Katherine Nolan

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