On Average, Allclean Water Recycling System Can Save 5.7 Million Gallons Of Water Each Year During Sewer Cleaning

AllJetVac sewer cleaning machines, equipped with the new AllClean™ continuous water recycling system, can save an average of 5.7 million gallons of water per year, according to Gradall Industries, Inc., designer and manufacturer of Vacall jetting and vacuum machines.
The calculation is based on typical municipality usage characteristics for the AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners: using 80 gallons of water per minute, 6 hours per day, 40 weeks per year.
“In states where there is a water shortage, or even an interest in saving natural resources, the impact of this innovation is exceptional,” said Bill Petrole, Vice President of Vacall products for Gradall.
“Using the AllClean system, crews are able to work all day long, never stopping to fill the water tank. That’s because the system continuously vacuums water out of the sewer line, recycles it through the AllClean five-step filter process, and then uses the same water for the AllJetVac’s high pressure jet cleaning.”
In addition to saving water, the AllClean system can drastically increase productivity because there is no need to stop work for refills. Eliminating refill trips saves fuel, as does the ability to operate a truck that’s lighter in weight because it is not carrying water.
The five-stage continual recycling process starts with an initial sediment separation followed by a floating V-Filtration screening process, further separating water from debris. The V-Filtration also has a back-flush self-cleaning capability.
Centrifugal high-speed action removes remaining solids, including tiny particles down to 100 microns. Solids and fine particles are returned to the debris tank via a pressure-regulating valve system. Recouped water is immediately available to continue jetting.
“There’s virtually no downtime for maintenance because the system is self-cleaning, requires no back flushing and there are no filter changes,” said Petrole. “The combined savings in time, money and water can mount up very quickly.”
A segregated 240-gallon capacity clean water wash down feature is also a part of the system.
The AllClean recycling system is another component of the Vacall “Green That Works” package of advantages, including a standard AllSmartFlow CAN bus intelligent control system, conserving water and maximizing operating efficiency.
AllJetVac models use just one engine instead of two for chassis mobility and to generate vacuum and jetting power—a concept that further saves on fuel consumption, routine service, harmful emissions and the purchase price of the unit.
To learn more about the Vacall AllClean recycling system as well as AllJetVac sewer cleaners, call 800-382-8302 or visit www.vacall.com to find an authorized distributor.
Vacall products, wholly owned by the Alamo Group, are designed, built and supported by Gradall Industries, with processes that meet ISO 9001-2008 standards.
Gradall is known worldwide for productive, versatile equipment for governments and contractors. Gradall Industries, Inc., may be contacted at 330-339-2211, or by mail to 406 Mill Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, OH 44663. Online, visit www.gradallindustries.com.

Alamo Group, Inc.: For 40 years, we’ve been a world leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of high-quality equipment for right-of-way maintenance and agriculture. Our products include tractor and truck mounted mowing and other vegetation maintenance equipment, excavators, street sweepers, vacuum trucks, snow removal equipment, pothole patchers, agricultural attachments and related aftermarket parts and services. We currently produce and assemble products in 16 principal facilities worldwide. Our products are sold through Alamo Group’s marketing organizations and our extensive independent worldwide dealer networks under various trademarks and trade names. These include Alamo Industrial, Tiger, Schwarze, Gradall, Vacall, Nite-Hawk, Henke Manufacturing, Schulte, Rhino, M & W, SMC, Herschel, Valu-Bilt, Bomford, Spearhead, McConnel, Twose, SMA, Forges Gorce, Faucheux, Rousseau, Rivard, and others. Alamo Group went public in 1993 and since 1995 has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange as ALG. Visit our website at www.alamo-group.com.

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