Improving Restroom Contracting Options in a Housing Boom

Contractors have a unique opportunity to participate in the new economy that is rising out of the ashes of the 2008 housing crisis. Housing starts have completely recovered from that time, and well-placed contractors are taking full advantage of that fact. How do you leverage your current connections and information to get your piece of this growing pie? Here we take a look at some of the ways that you can improve your restroom contracting options in a housing boom.

Your Marketing Strategy for Builders
The sector of contracting that focuses on green plumbing is doubling every three years according to a report from Dodge Data & Analytics. 60 percent of building and plumbing contracts will be green by the year 2018 across the world.
As you market to the contractors who will need portable restrooms for their workers, you will have better luck by playing up the green benefits of your placement. Although many of the so called “green” aspects of portable bathrooms are simply technological improvements across the board, not every contractor knows what you know. If your contractor is on a green job, then you need to speak his lingo to pick up the business. Talk about the aspects of contracting with you that will help keep the entire job in compliance with new standards and conserving resources overall.
You may also be able to touch on the fact that portable restrooms save water wherever they are used on a work site. You might be surprised at the number of contractors who do not have this information. You may be able to help them get more business for themselves in the green market with this strategy, and if so, negotiate a spot for yourself as a sub-contractor. You then gain the benefit of another organization marketing on your behalf.

Your Marketing Strategy for Events
Community events are prone to increase in housing booms as well. New developments foster new communities who are eager to showcase their newfound neighborhood solidarity through events, and this is an underserved market with plenty of upside. First, you must determine the type of event that you are prepared to handle.
Larger events such as town fairs are concerned mostly with volume. When you market to them, the emphasis should be placed on the logistics of your part of the contract – how fast you can get the portable restrooms into place, and how large of a volume you can handle without trouble. People will be moving in and out of these units fast, so promoters will likely ask you about the durability of your restrooms as well as their stability.
Smaller events are more concerned with the cleanliness of the units, and this is an angle that you can play up for a great deal of business in a housing boom. There is nothing more annoying to a small event planner than to receive a selection of odiferous restroom units, knowing that he will have to answer to an HOA or a neighborhood association about the implications on children’s health and elder care. Play up the fact that your units are clean and professionally sanitized, and make sure that you follow through on your promises. You can get a huge amount of easy repeat business from smaller associations if you pay attention to the small details for their events.

The Extra Mile
If you can appeal to the green market, municipalities and the neighborhood associations at the same time, then you will have all of the pieces in place to create an advantageous position for yourself in the current housing boom. In some cases, going the extra mile with a small improvement is all that is necessary to lock down a huge section of the market.
For instance, by adding hand sanitizer that does not require water for each stall, you please the green contractor contingent while marketing to smaller events who may be looking for a more personal touch.
The way that you showcase your units also may have an effect on your business. Make sure that the pictures of the units that you are thinking of taking on a job are bright and clean – high definition only. The more that you can create the impression of a personal connection with the customer through your marketing, the more likely they are to choose you over a competitor.
Keep in mind that you are not contracting portable bathroom stalls – you are bringing a very intimate experience to people in situations that may be uncomfortable for them. Create a marketing campaign that will let your customers know they are at home when you are on the job. Focus on the growing market segments in the current housing market, and you are sure to have success.

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