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For this month’s spotlight we talked with Lynn Neer from Total Enviro Services, Inc., a fourth generation company having over 40 years of experience in the liquid waste industry. Total Enviro Services’ main operation is located in Orlando, Florida, with an additional successful location in Jupiter, Florida.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the history of Total Enviro Services, Inc.?
Our great grandfather, George Lapin, started AAA Septic in 1959. Our father Jimmy Lapin worked with him, then for his uncle Dennis, at Lapin Septic. After eleven years helping to build Lapin Septic, our dad Jimmy then started Total Septic Services in 1992. My sister Nichole Margeson and I began working for our father at a young age, working in the office and in the field after school and during the summers. We learned all about the ins and outs of the septic tank industry from hands on experience, everything from running an office to working in the field alongside technicians servicing and installing septic tank systems. While Nichole and I are presently at the helm of our home office in Central Florida, our brother Chris Farris manages and operates the Jupiter branch in South Florida. Total Enviro serves clients in Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Martin, and Palm Beach counties. This covers central Florida, while our Jupiter operation covers most of South Florida. This makes us one of the largest septic tank companies in Florida.

Q: Tell us about of all of the services and products that you offer.
We are a state certified and licensed septic and plumbing contractor. We offer a full array of septic and plumbing services. We like to say that ‘if water flows through it, we do it.’ Our septic services include full-service pumping and installations of poly and concrete septic tanks for commercial and residential applications, cleaning and repairing sewer lines and lift stations, and handling and disposing of industrial wastes. We also install drain fields, JAWS (ABG) aerobic bacteria generator systems. JAWS service includes drain field rejuvenations. We use Total Septic Treatment (TST) and Total Drain Treatment (TDT), which are liquid microbial solutions that breakdown, liquefy, and digest organic solid waste. TST is an all-natural product, a septic additive we use with existing wastewater systems that helps boost performance and aids in the longevity of septic systems and drain fields. TST also helps to promote healthy ecosystems inside septic systems. TDT is another all-natural treatment we use. We, like many in the industry, are concerned about environmental issues. We use these products because they are environmentally-friendly. TDT combines all natural ingredients to provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to using harsh chemicals in residential drain lines and commercial drain lines leading to grease trap systems. We provide high-pressure jetting services, using our Vactor to clear out any obstructed lines. We also employ our high-pressure jetting and Vactor systems for hydro-excavating applications. Hydro excavating allows removal of debris around sensitive utility lines, power lines, plumbing lines, gas lines and fiber optic lines. This service keeps you safe and saves time and money.We also service grease traps at a number of commercial establishments.

Q: What are some of the distinguishing features and services of your company that differentiates it as unique, as compared to the competition, for example?
We are family owned and operated. We like to say that “if water runs through it, we do it.” This slogan captures the essence of our approach. Serving Central Florida for decades provides us with a level of knowledge and experience about the specifics of the local soils, landforms, etc. and this we believe sets our septic tank servicing and installations apart from others. We always treat people, whether employees or clients, the way we want to be treated. We found that always providing service with professionalism and concern goes a long way in making sure our clients are happy. Our long list of return customers lets us know clients are satisfied with our work, and we always strive to meet and go beyond their expectations. With our 24-hour emergency services, we are the trusted total septic solutions company in Central Florida. We understand that when something goes wrong with the water flow in a home or business, time is of the essence. We take great pride in doing every job right the first time – we arrive promptly, professionally and we get the job done.

Q: Tell us about who works at the company.
We started relatively small but over the years as business grew we kept hiring skilled employees. We now provide jobs for 30 employees, including drivers, installers, inspectors, and maintenance workers. Nichole is our office manager, in charge of all daily operations inside our office. Our manager Jeff makes sure everything happen outside of the office. Jackie is our dispatcher. She makes sure all customers are scheduled and the drivers and technicians arrive on time and on track to immediately begin working. We also have a full time mechanic working in our garage making sure all of our pump trucks and other equipment are functioning properly.

Q: What is your management/leadership style? How do you boost efficiency and increase morale in your workers? What do you expect of them?
Our managers work onsite alongside our technicians, plumbers, and installers. Working alongside our employees shows that we are willing to work and sweat right along with them. All of us working together helps to build morale and efficiency. In fact, we typically end up spending more time together at work than we do with our families at home. We treat everyone as one big family and our employees appreciate that.

Q: How do you communicate with customers?
We communicate with our customers through television advertisement, our website, and numerous social media platforms. As everyone is no doubt aware, social media is the new way of the world and it is the largest platform to reach our present clientele as well as potential new prospects. We have found that social media is a very successful marketing tool. For example we run specials on our Facebook pages. I especially like how many people can be reached through social media. Our regular clients, as well as new ones who don’t think about picking up a phone book find us through our social media sites. Because of the wide visibility, the more information we post about our business on social media, the more it seems to generate interest in our services.

Q: Total Enviro has two women owners in charge of operations. Can you say a few words about the status of women in the septic tank services industry?
I think a lot of clients, particularly, women, feel more comfortable dealing with another woman who knows the ins and outs of septic tank servicing and installations. From our experience it seems to put them at ease. Customers have been very welcoming towards a woman in a leadership role. I also believe that the gender gap in the liquid waste industry is closing and continues to close. More and more women are becoming involved, from business owners, to truck drivers, to service technicians, in addition to the more traditional roles of administrative assistants. I personally have learned so much by being out in the fields and working side by side with the guys and, more importantly, I think I have earned their respect in doing so.

Q: Tell us about your trucks and equipment.
All of our pump trucks but one are Mack trucks. We run 7 Macks and 1 Sterling. We also use Sterling dump trucks. We also have a Vactor truck used for high-pressure jetting and vactoring. We use a Harben trailer jetter to jet and open backed up lines. We also employ 2 Lift Station crane trucks to assist in pulling pumps from wet wells.
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Story by Mark Joseph Manion


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