State-Of-The-Art Technologies for the Liquid Waste Management Industry

With the busy summer season rapidly approaching, it is crucial for liquid waste management companies to have a well-stocked inventory of ready-to-use products and services. Here are a few newer accessories and products that are presently on the market that you can take advantage of and possibly incorporate into your business.

Portable Toilet Technologies
In the portable toilet industry PolyJohn® has recently introduced their BRA1-2000 “Bravo Heated Portable Sink®,” a double-station sink, and a new addition to their popular portable washstand products line, which includes the PS02-1000 Single Washer Stand®, the PSW1-2100 Heated Grandstand®, and their BRA1-1000 Bravo® model, among others. Distinctive features of the BRA1-200 Heated Bravo® include a 22 gal/83 L fresh water capacity, including water heating for warm water washes. The Bravo Heated Portable Sink® also comes equipped with two soap dispensers, two towel dispensers, as well as a hands-free pump feature, all operating from a 110-volt power supply. The BRA1-2000 weighs about 70 lbs/32kg when empty, which makes it a very portable model, and it has handles built-in for easy maneuvering and transport, as well as set-up tie-down ring accessories that makes it easy to place the BRA1-2000 in any designated outdoor restroom area. With a handy siphon port for pump out, the BRA1-2000 Heated Bravo® requires minimal on-site maintenance. In addition, the Heated Bravo is equipped to fit Bay West® EcoSoft™ Roll Towels or Georgia-Pacific Envision® Singlefold Towels with a capacity of 250 towels per pack and 1000 towels per wash station.

Innovation is the Key
PolyJohn is one of those companies that are always innovating, keeping abreast of their market and responding to new customer needs that are constantly being uncovered. In speaking specifically about their BRA1-2000, Marcie Heffley a PolyJohn Executive goes on to say that “we wanted to provide the market with a portable sink that better aligned with the requirements set by health and food safety departments. The Bravo Heated Portable Sink provides the end-user with a convenient product that gets the job done.” PolyJohn’s heated sinks meet all regulated sanitation standards for restaurants, open-air concerts, amusement parks, and many other outdoor events.
In addition to being a leading manufacturer of portable toilets, PolyJohn Enterprises, Inc. is also, according to their website “the world’s leading manufacturer of the highest-quality polyethylene (plastic) products designed for environmental markets, including portable sanitation, safety and hygiene. Our company also produces products for safety and security (Rhino Barriers), and provides sanitation equipment used by governments and military branches around the world.” Other PolyJohn’s innovative products include “the ADA compliant and kid-friendly SaniStand Foam, and the easy-to-service PJN3™ portable toilet.”
Since the 1960s, when the first patent for polyethylene portable toilets was issued to George Harding, co-founder of PolyJohn, until today, headquartered outside of Chicago, IL, PolyJohn Enterprises manufactures and sells products in the United States, Canada and Brazil. From their international office in the United Kingdom, PolyJohn products are sold and distributed worldwide through a “network of strategically-located distributors.”

Accessories for the Summer Season
Many of the chemical compounds used in the treatment of liquid waste can be dangerous and that is why now concern for safety and a clean environment is at the top of the list of every company who operates portable toilets, especially during the hot summer months when the use and demand for deodorizing and waste treatment products typically increases. If you are looking for deodorizing materials that are non-toxic and non-allergenic, and free from harmful and unsafe chemical such as phosphates, formaldehyde, dichlorobenzene, etc. Porta Pro Chem Company, headquartered in Pennsauken, New Jersey, offers a variety of deodorizing products to meet your needs. Porta Pro Chem manufactures and supplies a wide variety of environmentally safe and fully biodegradable liquid toilet deodorizer products, which come in a variety of fragrances including bubble gum, cherry, and mulberry.

Advances in the Liquid Waste Industry
One of the more interesting and innovative technologies that is used extensively in the Liquid Waste Industry is RouteOptix’s Android Software Application, which is especially helpful to companies with multiple trucks and other service vehicles going to a from multiple worksites. According to Marion Davey of RouteOptix, one of the major objectives of the Android App product is to “streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability.” In order to accomplish this, say Ms. Davey, RouteOptix’s Android App can “include and fully integrate all the tools you needed to proactively manage all areas of your business.” The mission statement of the company states that RouteOptix products strive to be “the software solution of choice for every vehicle routing requirement by consistently meeting or exceeding the quality, service and value expectations of our customers.”
Although used in other laterally-related industries, the Android App has a multiplicity of uses, applications and functionalities that fit well with the liquid waste industry. Ms. Davey explains “the application extends the routing functionality of RouteOptix from the office to the field allowing routing information to be dispatched to drivers using real-time communications. The driver can key notes regarding job sites, change service details, record delivery / pick-up details, enter tickets from disposal facilities and much more with the device.“ The goal is to streamline and make efficient which otherwise would be a nest of logistics problems. For example, the Android App serves as a “visual dispatch” which can provide a real-time status to all scheduled and completed work orders, “dynamically tracking” all service routes, which allows companies to “readily and efficiently respond to customer calls. All calls are easily and immediately updated to reflect the actual service performed, ensuring accurate billing and production statistics” says Ms. Davey. With the Android App, billing systems become much more efficient and organized, which allows drivers as well as administrative staff to “produce fast, accurate, timely billing and invoicing.” As Ms. Davey explains, “once a transaction has been entered into the RouteOptix system, whether it is a service charge, period charge, disposal charge, or any number of miscellaneous charges, you can be assured it will not be overlooked.“

Organization and Logistics Solutions with a “Click of the Button”
Because of its unique “virtual” software innovation, the Android App can, according to Ms. Davey “be used on different makes and models of Android tablets and smart phones depending on the needs/personal preference of individual companies.” This means that any company using the technology could theoretically manage the complexity of their operations with a “click of a button” because the App is fully integrated and hence communication between office, workers in the field, truck drivers, etc. can all be downloaded to any number of hand-held devices. Even customers can benefit from the product because, as Ms. Davey notes “the cost of a monthly data plan is all that is required to achieve real-time communications and is relatively inexpensive compared to having to purchase separate GPS equipment/plans.” Even Google maps functionality comes with RouteOptix products.
RouteOptix attributes a large part of their continuously innovative software products to feedback from their customers. As Ms. Davey explains “our application has grown to where it is today due in no small part to the suggestions and feedback from our customers. New updates are provided throughout the course of each year. There have been many enhancements that we have added to the application based on sound suggestions from our customers and we take each request into consideration to ensure that the quality of the application is adhered to. When we release a new update to the application, we also send out a list of the enhancements that are included in the application.”
The RouteOptix Android App was brought to market, and is continuously innovating because, as Ms. Davey acknowledges, “there has been demand in the industry for the ability to make changes in the field and update seamlessly to the back office. Integration to these devices can save companies time and provide more details that are helpful.” Otherwise relatively independent aspects of your business—such as dispatchers, drivers, accounting staff, sales staff, managers/owners, and customer service—are all incorporated into one seamless software application. RouteOptix’s Android App makes all of your business’s communication channels and logistics issues run smoothly and flawlessly. In sum, the RouteOptix Android App “enables you to make informed business decisions, maximizing your company’s efficiency and increasing profitability by providing accurate, detailed production reports based on varying parameters. All the information you require to give you a competitive edge is immediately available” with the Android App.

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