Service Routing 101

My years of experience have taught me a little bit about solid routing practices. You might even say I’m a Master Router. That’s why I like to make sure my customers understand the ins-and-outs of planning an efficient service route. Good planning can translate into better outcomes for you and your customers. And providing great customer service is the key to building lasting business relationships. Here are my top five tips for becoming a “Master Router.”

1) Don’t be wasteful.
Keep routes nice, tight and efficient. This not only avoids wasted time and fuel, but also eliminates unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. Your goal is to have as many services per driven mile as possible. This increases productivity and profitability.

2) Get your facts straight.
Consider demographic factors that impact your route decisions. Is it a rural area or a big city? Big cities are a little easier, because stops are closer together. Try using natural boundaries like highways and rivers to map your route.

3) Is it Westside Wednesday?
Divide quadrants by days of the week. You will have an organized routine, and your customers will know what to expect. Not to mention you will have a starting point to help schedule new business.

4) Have a helicopter view.
Become familiar with traffic patterns and construction areas. Then you can decide the best place to be at the right time of day. You’re not making money staring out the windshield.

5) Know your limits.
You can only service so many units in a day. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to be everywhere at once. Set a boundary, and don’t go past it. Otherwise you’ll start your day in Dallas and end up servicing toilets in L.A.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to routing success. Best of luck out there!

Elton Tamplin is the Central Area Manager for PolyJohn, the leading manufacturer of high-quality portable sanitation products. Tamplin lends his years of industry experience to help customers grow their businesses.

By Elton Tamplin, PolyJohn Manager and Router Extraordinaire

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