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If you are buying or maintaining a fleet of combination vacuum trucks, you know they can be a costly venture. Jack Doheny Companies vetted several banks and finance companies to offer different methods of financing which provide cash for other capital expenses and help with the challenges of depreciation and maintenance.

Richard Hughes, vice president of municipal sales and marketing with Jack Doheny Companies, explains, “We are embracing the concept of cooperative buying and driving rent to purchase programs while redoubling our focus on municipal markets. Our municipal bank finance partner is experienced in leasing or rent to purchase for single trucks or fleets. We are using our long-term relationship with them to assist our customers with financing. It’s a third-party transaction and once we put them in touch with each other, we step out of the process.”

“Municipalities can get 5-year amortization on equipment and at the end have guaranteed residual value. Or at the end of term, we will replace their old machine with a new piece of equipment. And we can provide a service contract that includes ongoing maintenance. Taking advantage of these purchasing options allows fleet turnover every 3-5 years which frees up cash for other expenses.

“We have a few cities here in Michigan that have taken advantage of this financing and it has really helped them. One of our largest cities has an aged fleet which is very inefficient when eight to 12 machines operate at 15 percent up time while service demand is seven trucks at 80 percent up time. With creative financing and support of the rental side of our business, it allows municipalities to refresh their fleet without having to invest millions of dollars. For us it takes a significant capital base and critical mass to provide this to the market.”

“We have another customer in Ohio that is getting a million dollar’s worth of equipment for an initial investment of $250,000. It’s all brand new equipment which eliminated their concern of 7-year-old trucks that needed work.”

Jack Doheny Companies is Federal Signal’s largest distributor in the United States. They sell Vactor combo trucks, which is the top-selling sewer cleaning equipment brand in the country. Doheny has 15 locations in the U.S. and three in Canada: Antioch, Calif.; Long Beach, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Island Lake, Ill.; Joliet, Ill.; Whitestown, Ind.; Gonzales, La.; Northville, Mich.; Wharton, N.J.; Bay Shore, N.Y.; Minot, N.D.; Twinsburg, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; La Porte, Texas; and Salt Lake City, UT.

Growth of an Industry

Jack Doheny Companies added four new locations last year because of the demand in the marketplace. “Our growth has been supported by the depth and breadth of our product line,” says Hughes. “Jack will tell you that our core product, the Vactor Combination Sewer Cleaning Machine, is the most versatile truck in the business. It has a wide array of applications and there are constant improvements to the truck. Even after 30 years, Federal Signal is still evolving the technology. Granted, the progress is not dramatic year to year, but there are notable improvements.”


Vactor offers three primary combination sewer cleaners: 2100 Plus PD, 2100 Plus Fan and 2103 Sewer Cleaner, which are available through Jack Doheny Companies.

According to Vactor, “The Vactor 2100 Series combination sewer cleaners combine high-pressure water jetting and a high-flow vacuum source to scour pipes clean then vacuum up the material causing blockages to restore and maintain normal sewer flow.

“Vactor products feature the exclusive Vactor Jet Rodder® water pump with jack hammer action. The powerful vacuum source can be either a centrifugal compressor (fan) or positive displacement blower (PD) depending on application. With the Modul-Flex design, numerous-sized debris tanks from 3 to 15 cubic yards (2.3 – 11.5 cu m), and water capacities from 500 to 1,500 gallons (1,893 – 5,678 liters) are available.”
The 2100 Plus series is designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems. It is available in fan and PD configurations with both the single-stage and dual-stage fan configurations. Features include increased vacuum performance, improvements to operator comfort and control, and fuel, air routing and filtration efficiency. Vactor claims that “preliminary tests show up to a 34 percent decrease in fuel consumption as well as a reduction of the amount of water needed to thoroughly clean lines by utilizing the standard multi-flow water system controls.”

The mid-size 2103 Series Sewer Cleaner is made for those that can’t afford or don’t need a full-sized combination sewer cleaner. It is powerful enough to take care of sewer line blockages, broken storm water lines and routine maintenance. Vactor says that it is ideal for large municipalities which require a sewer cleaning truck for fast response or as an emergency backup vehicle.

Aquatech offers a Combination Jet/Vac in B Series and F Series. Features include single-engine drive, full power 360 rotating boom, cylindrical debris tank, air/vac system, vacuum cut-off system, pneumatic foot control, rear-mounted hose reel, vacuum hose, triplex reciprocating water pump and internal boom valve.

Vac-Con also makes a Combination Sewer Cleaning in 5-yard, 9-yard, 11-yard, 12-yard and 16 yard sizes with a variety of option to go along with their standard package. Options include a root control system, hydrostatic drive, articulating hose reel, 3-stage centrifugal compressor, 6’ or 10’ Telescoping Boom, Hi-Dump, Hydro-Excavation Package, wireless remote, variable flow water system, hydraulic pump-off systems, positive displacement blowers and electromagnetic.

Story by Jennifer Taylor

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