Protect and Serve

Dale Wallace isn’t the DC superhero Chemical King, but as the general manager of Green Way Products, a division of PolyPortables, LLC, he whips up fragrances to combat the evils of bad smells.

Wallace began his career in the industry when he joined the James A Chemical company as operations director and chief formulator when the company moved from Florida to Georgia.

After meeting Cathy Crafton, then president of PolyPortables, Wallace was excited about the opportunity to revitalize their environmentally-friendly deodorizer and cleaner line of products. “One of the things we wanted to do with our deodorizer line is maintain an earth-friendly line which reflected Cathy’s values and the values of Poly Portables,” says Wallace. Our goal is to maintain strict adherence to a non-formaldehyde-based product. After our meeting in 2003, Cathy said let’s do it and we started the resurgence of that side of the business. We’ve been fortunate to do that.

“I love the creative side of this job. I have the freedom to explore alternative delivery methods and continue in the same fashion I started at James A. For example, expanding the fragrance side of the business. I started experimenting with more exotic and designer fragrances, which added Mulberry, exotic pine and other fantasy fragrances to our line of products. Our market has become as sophisticated as the candle and home fragrance market. We want to ultimately develop the strongest fragrance you can find, because odor-masking is what we do in our industry. Of course, you have to go after the source, but you also have to mask with a more pleasant fragrance.”

Wallace and Crafton’s goal was to create a synergy between the deodorizer and cleaning sales and the toilet sales. “Along with creating environmentally-friendly solutions for our customers, the cleaners and deodorizers allow us to stay in communication with them on a monthly basis. It is a great complimentary line to our portable toilet sales.”

Wallace attributes their innovation to their customers. “Our customers are one of our most valuable resources. Our credo is ‘listening, learning and delivering’ and our customers always give us ideas. We try to affect change based on their suggestions on both the toilet and deodorizer side of the business to meet their needs.”

Summer vs. Deodorizer
Battling the elements of summer can be tough for our odor-fighting friends. Summer brings hotter temperatures, more liquids consumed and more outside events. “During the summertime and spring, there are more opportunities for heavier traffic and the hotter temperatures exacerbate the problems in a holding tank,” says Wallace. “Businesses take the opportunity to start construction projects and because of the higher levels of heat, people consume more liquid, which means they need to go to the bathroom more often. Those high levels of heat create potential for a higher level of ammonia production. With the added stress of more traffic and heat, the potential for bad smells increases. Another thing to remember is because more liquids are going into the tank, you have a higher potential for discoloration.

“You have to watch the stress on the system, because the best deodorizers can’t solve the problem of over-used or under-serviced units. It’s like taking a bucket to a forest fire. It’s imperative the units are serviced regularly and completely, especially in the summertime. For those occasions, I recommend our BlueWorks 150 series, which is our strongest product. It’s a non-formaldehyde based and we’ve had a great deal of success with it. It is a liquid delivery system which can be used straight into holding tank or can be premixed and loaded into a fresh water tank on a truck. There are a number of ways to dispense it.

“Our dry packs and Turbo Tube line are two other popular products which are great for summertime application. Both products are portion controlled. The Turbo Tubes are super concentrated products with only three ingredients: fragrance, deodorizer and color. There is no emulsifier and they are 100 percent active. They are available in three sizes: 3rd gear which is 20 mil, 2nd gear which is 15 mil and 1st gear with is 10 mil. I recommend the 3rd gear for summer, 2nd gear for spring and summer and 1st gear for special events and wintertime. They have an extended shelf-life and great portability.

Earth Works to the Rescue
Over the summer, a concert was held at the Nationals’ ballpark in Washington DC. Because of logistics issues, the Nationals’ bullpen was used to house the portable restrooms for the concert. The next day, there was reportedly a residual smell in the bullpen when the National’s played their game against the Phillies.

Assuming the porta-potty owners weren’t Philly fans, we are guessing there might have been a spill and the guys loading the toilets washed it down. “I would recommend a product from our biological line and is 100 percent natural and organic. It basically looks like ground-up coffee grounds. You topically spray it on the surface of any inanimate object and it would have controlled that odor. It’s safe for grass so it wouldn’t have harmed the turf. It also works great at carnivals and gets rid of all kinds of junk that gets left behind which cause bad odors. It also works great around dumpsters, septic tanks, landfills and agriculture.”

Protect and Serve
“Our primary focus is on portable deodorizers and cleaners,” says Wallace. “We use components that are environmentally-friendly and stay away from formaldehyde. It’s a policy we have adhered to for years. Our product line expands from chemically-based to natural-based and from portable restroom applications to septic to landfill.”

With Wallace on the watch, Green Way Products will continue to be environmentally-friendly, serve their customers and protect the public from bad odors.

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