Royal Restrooms Raises the Bar

When David Sauers took his two young daughters to the bathroom at a Shakespeare in the Park festival, he encountered what many moms encounter with their potty-training and diapered children: a lack of clean facilities. Instead of simply grumbling about the cramped space and lack of changing tables, he decided to fill a very real need. And so his mission was born: to provide the nicest, cleanest and most affordable restroom trailers on market.

“I had previously played in golf tournaments where we had these nice, clean restroom trailers,” says Sauers. “Everyone should be able to have those at any event they attend. Places have to pass health inspections for food, so restrooms should be have to be sanitary too.”

After eight months of sketching out the seeds of his ideas on a legal pad and nurturing them, Sauers’ idea finally blossomed when he attended a football party with a friend. They found long lines for the restroom which compelled him to share his idea with Robert Glisson. He fell in love with it and was the catalyst for jump starting the company. I was still unsure of myself and didn’t know how to go about it, but he just took the idea and we ran with it.”

Run with it they did. After only one year in business, they began franchising. “We really had no intention of doing that, but we started getting calls from people all over the country who wanted to bring the same service to their town. Our first franchise owner Andy Christian called us after he had attended a wedding here in Savannah, Ga. where our restrooms were in service. That was 10 years ago and it has taken off from there.”

A decade ago, weddings were the main source of Royal Restroom’s income. Now, the company’s restroom trailers can be seen at business remodels, construction sites, festivals, disaster relief sites and more in 40 different locations. Collectively, they have more than 1,000 trailers nationwide.


“When someone uses one of our trailers in Georgia, they want the same positive experience in Florida and we give them that,” says Sauers. “When we bring on a new franchise owner, we are looking for the right people in the right places who want to be a part of us and be a part of our family not someone just looking for another enterprise. Our owners are owner-operators who take pride in providing a regal restroom experience. We feel everyone is entitled to a clean restroom, not just the wealthy.

“We’ve earned our reputation in the industry and are busy. With our company, owners have a built-in website with a national name and footprint. If you do a search anywhere in the country, we will pop up on the first page. We also have a lot of national contracts. Our footprint allows us to have those contracts which benefit our franchise owners. For example, we just provided restrooms for a concert series with 20 concerts across the nation. They wanted a single company to cover the series events, so the job was distributed among various Royal Restrooms offices across the country. We are able to win the contracts because of our footprint and our owners’ commitment to service.

“We are also OSHA-approved. So when a national chain needs to remodel their restrooms, they can bring in one of our trailers and knock out both of their bathrooms at one time, which reduces their cost and downtime.”

Customer-service is the hallmark of the Royal Restroom experience. Whether you read a customer testimonial from someone in Texas, California, or Connecticut, you see the same theme of great customer experiences with everyone at the company from the person who answers the phone to the person who delivers the trailers and everyone in between. “This is the one thing we do, provide clean restrooms, and we knock it out of the park. All of the owner-operators maintain the standard. They know what they need to do to succeed.”


Royal Restrooms offer a variety of restroom trailers and showers from a single-stall to a 10-stall trailer. “When we started, the cost of a restroom trailer was $5,000 for a weekend. Now, we rent two-stall trailers for less than $1,000. We want to make the industry more marketable and affordable. We don’t have the plushest of the plush, we are more middle of the road. We want to provide a nice, clean respectable bathroom.”

To achieve that goal, they primarily turn to Wells Cargo, but they also have trailers from Alpha Mobile and JAG in the mix.

“We also added showers because there was a huge need in that field between military and disaster relief uses. But now our showers go all over the place from military bases, to Camp Leo for blind children, Boy Scouts and YMCA.”

Wherever they go, Royal Restroom owners continue to raise the bar not only with clean portable restroom trailers, but also in the customer service they provide.

Story by Jennifer Taylor

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