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Fulfilling Customer NeedsEach One Of Your Customers Is Unique. Selling Accessories To Them Takes A Unique Approach As Well. There Are Tons Of Cool Widgets That Are Available To You And Your Customers. Some May Be Useless To Your Customer, But Some May Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

For some customers, landscaping may be big deal. Dekorra Rock carries a wide range of products which will conceal your septic risers and pipes, holding tanks and commercial grease traps while allowing easy access. They also offer products with insulation to keep pipes, pumps or other items from freezing during the cold winter months.

Polylok has several products that can extend the life of a septic system or help those in a drought-prone area:

• Equalizer: Patented weir opening maintains equal flow even in distribution of unlevel D-Boxes that continue to move their entire lives. Simple to install, just push into any 4” pipe, SCH. 40, SDR 35, and thin wall. Adjustment knob moves opening up or down in 1/16” increments; total movement is 7/8”. It has a watertight fit and is made with tough engineered plastic that will not corrode. The Equalizer can extend the life of the septic system and be inserted without tools.

• Roto-Flow: Enables equal distribution to your leaching fields. Available in 3” and 4” sizes. The Roto-Flow gives you the low cost solution to your D-Box flow regulating problems. The simple Roto-Flow for D-Box outlet pipes gives you the easiest “set & forget” flow regulator available. The Roto-Flow fits both Schedule 40, SDR 35 and thin wall pipe sizes. Simply place the Roto-Flow into the D-Box outlet pipe, and adjust to equalize flow. The Roto-Flow is made to fit pipes without collapsing or creating a loose fit. This will guarantee equal flow performance.

• Orifice Diffuser: Ensures even distribution on lateral piping from all orifices in any system by separating the discharge orifice from the drain media, which effectively protects the system. Because of low pressure in most wastewater systems, typically 1-3 psi, it is extremely important to ensure drainage media does not interfere with the discharge orifices. Systems should be designed with the use of an oriffice diffuser on all discharge holes to assure even distribution and even system pressure after back-filling. Slotted design prevents plugging of discharge openings with surrounding soil. Can be installed with discharge openings facing up or down.

• Dipper: Guarantees uniform dosing for leaching systems. The Dipper is designed on the basic pivot and balance principle which insures equal distribution. The system works in unity instead of a ”trickle effect” by providing equal flow distribution to each outlet by automatically discharging 1.5 gallons of retained effluent from the storage tray. Polylok’s Dipper is easily installed in any septic system. Whether existing, new, reclining or flat—the action of the Dipper allows the entire system to work in unison. Insist on the Dipper. It can increase longevity and provide indefinite life expectancy for septic systems. It was laboratory tested to last a minimum of 25 years without failure and is maintenance free.

• Hydro Shield: A practical solution for protecting pressure distribution field pipes from external contamination. The unique, patent pending design offers a wide range of benefits and will accommodate 3 sizes of pipe: 1″, 1 ¼” and 1 ½”. The hemispherical shape and large surface area allow effluent to disperse more evenly. The easy, snap-on installation provides a firm lateral grip to the pipe and prevents movement of the Hydro Shield during back-filling.

• Flow Controller: Ideal for alternating or dividing flows between two separate fields. Easily installs by attaching directly to SCH 40 or SDR 35 pipe. Our unique channel split design enables an equal split of the waste stream. Additionally the valve can be set for equal distribution (factory setting) or all distribution to the right or left.

You know water. You know how frail the water cycle can be. A new area in wastewater is water reuse, which we covered in our November issue. Roth says that 50 percent or more of all potable water is used for non-potable purposes such as irrigation, car washing and toilet flushing. The average American household consumes approximately 70,000 gallons per year of water. With the drought conditions and water restrictions worsening, this can be a great way to water your yard and give your pocketbook a break.

K Rain: Offers reclaimed water products designed specifically for your reclaimed water system. Using reclaimed water for irrigation costs less than drinking water, reduces the stress on drinking water supplies, reduces gray water disposal into waterways, which can help reduce nutrient loads in bays and rivers. The onsite wastewater can be processed through an onsite wastewater treatment system for irrigation purposes.

“Our biggest customers are in Texas,” says Eileen Wilkins, marketing coordinator. “We carry roters, spray heads and indexing valves for reclaimed water. In Texas, they are using our products to spread the reclaimed wastewater finely, evenly at a low angle over the property to saturate the ground at an even and light rate. Our products have the purple cover to indicate that it is using non potable water.

“To run our products you have to have 24-40 psi. The valves are very rugged and can handle dirty water.”

Although you can purchase K Rain products through their website, you will find the best prices through their nationwide distributors.

Roth: The Roth MultiTank is the first tank of its kind. It can be used for water cistern, pump, holding, rainwater or septic tank. This is possible due to its special construction of an inner layer of FDA approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of PE for improved stability, plus one outer layer of black and UV-stabilized PE.

Not only is it special in terms of its construction, it also has the best warranty the industry has to offer: lifetime corrosion protection and 5 years of labor insurance coverage (see warranty for more details).

When used as a Potable Water Cistern, also known as a Rainwater Cistern tank, it is used for storing rain water collected from a roof or other catchment area. Cisterns are sometimes used for storing hauled water, but are usually used as a supplement to other water sources. Cisterns are very useful when the regular source of water for a farm or rural home becomes low in dry periods of the year.

• Environmentally Sound—Watertight, corrosion resistant
and FDA approved construction
• Versatile—can be used for water cistern, pump, holding,
rainwater or septic tank
• Heavy Duty—Designed to perform under tough conditions
• Code Compliant —Meets or exceeds state requirements and NSF 61
• Installer Friendly—Easy handling and multi-port inlet/
outlet pipe configurations
• Safe & Secure—Sturdy, lockable, threaded cover and riser system
• Low-profile high-performance design
• Convenient and watertight threaded access riser system
• Includes connection gaskets and threaded manhole covers
• No water required during backfill process
• Best warranty the industry has to offer
• Heaviest poly tank on the market
• World’s Strongest Plastic Septic Tank on the Market
• Lightweight Design
• A Perfect Concrete Alternative
• CSA and IAPMO Certified
(except models ST-300, ST-500, ST-900 & ST-1000E)
• Safe and Unique Access Riser System
• Patented COEX-3 Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Process
• Versatility – Suitable for septic or pump tank applications
• Patented Design

For More Information
November issue: www.americanliquidwaste.com/2013/11/associations/california-onsite-wastewater-association/
Dekorra: www.dekorraproducts.com
K Rain: www.krain.com
Polylok: www.polylock.com
Roth: www.roth-usa.com

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