What’s New in Vacuum Trucks & Trailers

A. ACRO Trailer Company
ACRO 8,450 Gallon Aluminum DOT-412 Dumper.
For more information, please call 800-589-5254 or visit www.acrotrailer.com.

B. Chandler
Chandler Equipment, Inc. is proud to offer a new, complete stainless steel load level indicator from Metaltecnica. This bolt-on indicator is designed for new tank construction and is a replacement to the current Chandler model due to its slightly larger installation hole. The indicator comes with an 8″ stainless steel float ball and all parts have been specifically designed to handle the corrosive nature of the portable sanitation industry.
For more information, please call 800-342-0887 or visit www.ChandlerEquipment.com.

C. Dragon Products Ltd.
A U.S. owned and operated company, Dragon has been a vital industry resource for more than 60 years. They offer an extensive selection of famously durable equipment for a broad range of severe-duty applications, including well servicing, bulk storage, liquid and solids hauling and a variety of pumping and mud solutions.
For more information, please call 877-783-5538 or go to www.dragonproductsltd.com.

D. GapVax
The GapVax MC Advanced Series Combo JetVac, was designed around the operator, giving you more functionality with less effort. Our innovative system includes a superior monitoring system and the most wireless functions available while still maintaining proportional boom and hose reel control. Advanced, while still keeping the quality and components you love.
For more information, please call 888-442-7829 or visit www.gapvax.com.

E. Guzzler CL Vacuum Loader
The updated Guzzler Classic (CL) industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Manufacturing features enhanced operator ergonomics and improved air routing, filtration and maintenance. A longer body provides improved material separation. The standard ladder, catwalk and railing provide the operator with easier and safer access to the top of the truck. Enlarged bag house and cyclone cleanout access doors provide easier access.
For more information on the upgraded Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Manufacturing, visit www.guzzler.com or call 1/800-627-3171.

F. Keith Huber’s Liquid Ring Vacuum System
With more than 20 years of industry performance, Keith Huber’s Liquid Ring Vacuum System is proven to withstand even the toughest workload. Our liquid ring vacuum system comes standard in the following Keith Huber products Berringer®, Berringer II®, King Vac® & Knight™.
For more information, contact 800-334-8237 or keithhuber.com.

G. Lely Tank and Waste Solutions, LLC
Lely Tank and Waste Solutions, LLC manufactures vacuum tanks from 400 gallon slide-ins to 5,000 gallon truck mounted units in Troy, Texas. Lely Tank serves the septic, grease and portable restroom industries providing steel and aluminum tanks in a variety of configurations and mounted on a variety of trucks.
For more information, please call 800-367-5359 or visit www.lelytank.com.

H. Pac-Mac
Pac-Mac®, a Hol-Mac Company, is manufacturer of the VT130. This 120 bbl carbon steel vacuum trailer is designed to meet the rugged needs of oilfield service water and wastewater treatment hauling with a capacity of 5,460 gallons.
For more information, contact Pac-Mac® at 800-844-3019 or visit e-pac-mac.com.

I. Pik Rite
Pik Rite’s standard vacuum tanks boast features such as: Low profile (12″) primary shutoff with stainless steel float ball, top and rear manways, vacuum pump with gearbox and pump stand, vacuum and pressure relief valves, intake valve and camlock fittings, full-length hose trays and mudflaps.
Options include: Back-up alarm, three (3) 5″ sight glasses and much more! Stop settling and start working!
For more information on our wide variety of standard vacuum tank models, contact Pik Rite’s team at 800-326-9763 or sales@pikrite.com.

J. Presvac Powervac 5300
16 cubic yards wet and dry, DOT 407/412, 8″ telescoping boom. 5300 CFM blower, 27″ HG vacuum
For more information, please visit www.presvac.com or call 800-387-7763.

K. The Arctic Supersucker® Is the Ideal Vacuum Truck for Cold Weather Use
Designed specifically for use in frigid environments, the Arctic Supersucker® vacuum truck from Super Products LLC makes operation in bitter cold conditions easier by relying on heated components such as body, tailgate and drain valves. During the last decade, the Arctic has built a solid reputation for performance throughout the coldest regions of North America.
For more information, contact Super Products LLC at 800-837-9711 or visit www.superproductsllc.com.

L. Single-Engine Fan System Available for Vactor 2100 Plus Sewer Cleaner
A single-engine fan platform solution for the Vactor 2100 Plus sewer cleaner delivers improved simplicity, durability and performance to clean larger storm lines and keep debris out of the ecosystem and fresh water supplies. The fan drive system keeps the step-up transmission, resulting in a lower required hydraulic motor speed than competitive models.
For more information on the Vactor 2100 Plus single engine fan platform, or to schedule a demonstration, please visit www.vactor.com or see your local Vactor dealer.

M. Vacuum Sales, Inc.
Vacuum Sales, Inc. is the largest distributor of Presvac, liquid vacuum tank trucks, trailers & Wet/Dry industrial vacuum loaders. Featured is a Presvac 3,200 U.S. gallon, carbon steel, D.O.T. 407/412 certified, full open rear Door, dump type, liquid vacuum tank with a Presvac PV750 rotary vane, vacuum pump. This Unit is on a Peterbilt 348 cab & chassis, but could be mounted on any specified cab & chassis and there are numerous options available.
For more information, please call us at 800-547-7790 www.vacuumsalesinc.com.

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