Buying and Caring for Your Pump

As parts fail, figuring out how to replace them and what to replace them with can be a trying experience when you look at all of the different options. We talked to Blake McGilton, marketing director of Chandler Equipment in Springfield, Arkansas about his experience with Jurop Pumps and Blowers and some of the common mistakes people make with pumps.

As the North American distributor of Jurop Pumps and Blowers, Chandler Equipment has seen the RV360 to be their best-selling pump. The RV360 is a twin fan-cooled vacuum pump. “What makes this pump more impressive than our competitors is the fact that it offers two fans instead of one,” says McGilton. “This makes the RV360 dissipate heat more efficiently. This pump is known for being quiet and outperforms other pumps by pulling 18in at free air. The RV360 is also easier and cheaper to rebuild, overall lowering maintenance cost.”

What to Look for When Buying a Pump

“When buying a pump, one should look for efficiency, quality, and after-sales service. At Chandler Equipment, we pride ourselves on our service and quality of products offered to our customers. We handle every problem like it’s our most important and maintain excellent relationships with Jurop and our customers. We only partner with the best in the marketplace. Our motto is Commitment, Excellence, Integrity.”

Chandler also sells Jurop pump rebuild kits that include gaskets, seals and vanes.

Common Problems

“The most common problems with pumps are misapplication and running without oil. Misapplication can mean several things: running the vacuum pump at the wrong speed to having the wrong size pump for the job. Having the right product can make all the difference in how efficient your job gets done. You could have the highest quality Jurop pump on the market, but if it’s installed incorrectly, or the drive shaft is misaligned for example, you could damage the pump. By speaking with our staff and having us understand the job that is being done, we can help eliminate these issues. We take time to work one on one with our customers. Even offering product/pump training at our home office when requested by the customer.”

If you prefer one-on-one help with your pump, then Chandler Equipment conducts one-day vacuum pump and vacuum system classes upon request. According to their site, the class introduces the basic principles of installation, maintenance and repair of your Jurop vacuum pump, blower and CEI vacuum tank component system.

Story by Jennifer Taylor


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