Water Cannon’s Complete Jetter Systems

Aimed at annihilating ice and grime from pipes and drains, Water Cannon’s complete jetter systems are particularly popular sellers in the wintertime and are used year-round by everyone from plumbers to pumper truck operators.

Water Cannon’s most popular jetter, SKU# 15J41, features a “legendary” Honda GX 390 engine, flow rates of up to four gallons per minute, pressure up to 4,200 PSI and a 200-foot jetter hose. Or you can upgrade to SKU# 15J44, also a Honda GX 390 powered jetter that instead offers 4.8 GPM, 3,200 PSI and a 300-foot jetter hose for added reach and pipe blasting power.

Both versions of Water Cannon’s aforementioned Honda jetters have stable tilt-back style portable frames with roll cages to protect and extend the lifetimes of the machines. These drain cleaners also have a pulsation valve for instant pulsation on demand in order to allow the operator to quickly loosen blockages and flush them away. Both additionally arrive complete with a 3/8″ jetter hose (200′ and 300′ options); a ball valve; a manually adjustable high capacity Hosetract brand hose reel; and four jetter nozzles.

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