2014 Product Preview

Chemical Containers Inc.
CCI’s 1,025 gallon wash/supply trailer can be utilized in multiple applications. With a Honda motor powering the self priming centrifugal pump, small or large tasks can be accomplished with ease. This all welded heavy-duty tandem axle trailer takes the chore out of towing this unit down the road. All sizes, configurations and custom units are available.
For more information, visit www.chemicalcontainers.com or call 800-346-7867.

Containment Solutions

New 40″ opening fiberglass tank sumps from Containment Solutions make 30″ manway lids removable from grade allowing for quicker and safer access to your storage tank. The 40″ opening is available on both 48″ and 54″ sump diameters in either single or double-wall models.
For more information, visit www.containmentsolutions.com or call 936-756-7731.

Environmental Biotech Intl.’s DipStick-Pro™
Pumpers, municipalities and water authorities have come to rely on the repeatable, defensible results of Environmental Biotech’s DipStick-Pro™ Core Sampler. Constructed of corrosion-resistant machined aluminum and impact-resistant resin, operators can accurately determine the amount of sludge, solids and FOG in grease traps, septic tanks, lift stations and interceptors.
For more information, call 941-757-2591.

The ECOJOHN® Mobile restrooms offer unique built-in incinerators and waterless incinerating toilets that eliminate pump outs. These premium restrooms are ideal in remote applications where it is costly and difficult to bring in a vacuum truck. They can be great add-ons to your fleet for the more remote areas.
For more information, visit www.ecojohn.com or call 866-ECOJOHN (326-5646).

Gamajet Bullet IV
The NEW Gamajet Bullet IV tank cleaning machines provides tough, targeted cleaning of sludge, oil, grease, and other debris that collects at the bottom of open-top tanks, trailers, barges and more. It rotates in a 105°-downward pattern while high-impact water jets scour built-up debris and residual heels. Put the cleaning force where the sludge is!
For more information, visit www.gamajet.com or call 877- GAMAJET or 877-426-2538.

Hauler Agent
Hauler Agent is pleased to introduce the industry’s first device that enables operators to clean, deodorize and sanitize equipment without the use of chemicals. Never buy chemicals again. Just water and electricity makes the same solution that municipal water treatment plants use.
Visit www.tersano.com or www.hauleragent.com to learn more.

WOMA Eco Therm 800 Hot Water Jetting Unit
The WOMA Model ET 800 and sister unit ET 600 Hot water jetting units are light weight and compact jetting units capable of delivering up to 11,600 psi and 5.5 gpm of hot water for incredible cleaning results. Typical cleaning applications include paint removal, graffiti removal, applications removing grease and oil films as well as cleaning applications in the food industry which may require hot water to kill germs and bacteria.
For further information call 800-258-5530 or visit our website www.womacorp.com.

NLB Introduces 1,000 HP Convertible Water Jet Units
The NLB 1005 Series water jet pump units, for really big jobs, are the first convertible units to operate at 1,000 hp. They can be converted with a simple kit to any of five pressures (4,000 psi to 20,000 psi), with flows to 333 gpm. They offer the same reliability, easy maintenance and low operating cost as other NLB convertible units and use many of the same parts.
For further information visit www.nlbcorp.com or call 248-624-5555.

Satellite’s MD950 Comes with Stainless Steel Side Panels

Wear resistant stainless steel side panels now come standard on all MD950 service vehicles. This improvement to the design improves the appearance and protects the surface from premature rust, stain or corrosion.
For more information about the MD Series of trucks, contact your Area Manager or Customer Service at 800-328-3332.

Savatech Corp.’s New Large Multi-Size Pillow Shape Pipe Plugs
Savatech is excited to now offer Large Multi-Size Pillow Shape Pipe Plugs. Sava experts have designed a new family of Large Multi-Size Pillow Shape Pneumatic Blocking and Bypass Plugs. These plugs are manufactured using high quality special rubber compound reinforced with Kevlar® cord making them highly resistant to wear and age related degradation while providing extra strength and ensuring reliable function in all defined conditions. This family of Large Multi-Size Pillow Shape Plugs is ideal for flow stopping and bypassing in pipe diameters 24 inches up to 120 inches.
For more information, visit www.savatech.com or call 386-760-0706.

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