Masking and Eliminating Odors

French King Louis XV’s perfumed court helped fuel the perfume industry, which helped mask body odors of the wealthy at Versailles. Just imagine the throngs of people with all of those clothes in stuffy rooms and no baths. Pee-Yew.

Although the process has evolved through the centuries, the purpose is still the same—to make things smell better. As with perfume, some work better than others and sometimes it comes down to individual taste as to whether they like the smell or if it works for them.

We talked to Texas and Arizona-based Waste Partners Environmental’s regional manager Ronnie Kendrix about what they use and what has worked for them.

“As for the toilet deodorizer, in the Dallas and Houston market areas, we use a chemical produced by J&J Chemical, appropriately named Destroyer SX Jackpot. It comes in varying ‘flavors’(non edible): Bubble gum, Cherry, and Spice to name a few. This chemical is used for the sanitation of all accessible unit areas, as well as replenishing the tank fluid freshly.

“For our Austin area, we use a product also produced by J&J Chemical, Ever Pro Platinum. This product is a bagged tablet deodorizer, which is either placed in the 5-gallon tote for cleaning and replenishing the unit, or placed directly in the unit waste tank and water added. It also comes in varying scents. We also use a deodorizer spray in this area of service, due to the higher volume of special event services, and the differing service details in relation.”

“The benefits of the chemicals we use are multiple:

1. Strong scent

2. Durability—breakdown period of approximately 7-10 days for normal use

3. Cost effective—multiple applications in service, (i.e. cleaning hands on areas, and replenishing waste tank)

4. Multiple scents—by changing scents periodically, the users do not lose sight of the freshness each service by becoming complacent/adjusted to recurring scents

“The negatives are minimal:

1. With our pre-mix application in Dallas and Houston, it does not allow for possible water service, (i.e. filling sinks or water tanks with service trucks).

2. With the tabs use in Austin, the product waste rate is higher, by loss of bags, over use of tabs, etc.”

Take a Bath

As society learned more about hygiene, people began taking more frequent baths thus lessoning the need for perfume.

Southland Organics uses that same principle and tackles the smell at the source. Southland Organics Port breaks down waste in tanks and clears bio-solids. In septic tanks with a drain field, it breaks down solids and opens up drain lines.

“It contains a synergistic blend of indigenous microbiology and bacterial strains which have been scientifically developed to cope with difficult compounds and chemicals present,” says Owner Mike Usry. “We sell to a lot of national and state parks and the forestry service for use in their vault toilets which can range anywhere from 500-2,500 gallons. It is all natural and organic so it is beneficial to the environment.

“It provides exceptional results controlling hydrogen sulfide and other mercaptan odors that come from portable toilets and holding tanks. Our substrate controls the odors by blocking pathways of sulfide producing compounds. The product is also unique in that it contains micro- and macro-nutrients that accelerate microbial activity. Some scientists can see 30 to 300 times the multiplication rate.”

Out on the Town

Sometimes we like to bath and use perfume—gasp! PolyPortables is another popular company that users adore, which offers Earth-friendly tank deodorizers, cleaners and air fresheners.

The company offers a variety of sanitation deodorizers in a variety of options: liquids, portion control and lots of different scents. Blue Works is their top-selling liquid deodorizer and doesn’t contain harmful or hazardous ingredients. Earth Works is their 100 percent organic deodorizer that blends natural odor-absorbing technology with bacteria that consumes the waste and reduces mounding.

PolyPortables also offers Green Way’s DriPax and Turbo Tubes for those that prefer portion control. DriPax is water soluble while Turbo Tubes is a liquid portion control delivery option and has a long shelf life.

For user opinions on PolyPortable products, see our article from November 2012.

Story by Jennifer Taylor


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