Omega Liquid Waste Solutions Introduces a Remote Control Universal Mount Reel

Introducing the remote control universal mount reel for 3 and 4 inch vacuum hose storage on vacuum trucks. The power reel eliminates the need to manhandle the hoses and slashes the time it takes to deploy and stow hose while keeping customers’ yards free from spills. The truck stays spotless and the hoses are safe from damage. Operator fatigue and compensation cost are reduced due to the obvious benefits also.

The reel has the capacity to stow 200 ft. of 3 inch hose and swing out 90 degrees allowing the hose to be directed in a 270 degree arc to facilitate deployment. A wireless hand-held control with a range of 200 ft. allows the operator to reel in and out as well as swing the reel open or closed. The universal mount simply bolts onto the rear frame of the truck and the unit has its own power pack that requires only a 12V hook up to the carrier.

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