When You Are Ready to Buy, You Should Understand the Black Tie Difference

When we are introducing Black Tie equipment to a potential customer, we are often asked for our price list before anything else. Granted, it is
an important gauge that can guide you to a final decision, but there are many other factors and questions that should be asked when making such a large purchase.

What is the difference between Black Tie and any of your competition?

Black Tie was in the mobile restroom/shower trailer rental business and owned one of the largest trailer fleets in the country (1999-2011). This was our business and our only business focus. We purchased equipment from many manufacturers and had to live with their questionable designs, ideas and quality standards. We negotiated in good faith, just like you do; only we were disappointed with the discrepancy between what manufacturers delivered and what was promised.
Finally enough was enough and in 2004 we decided to build the equipment for ourselves and sell the overflow capacity. Black Tie originally designed this equipment to own, not for resale in the mass-market.

If you were building your own home how would you build it? Would you cut corners, lessen materials, skip steps or would you want it constructed to withstand anything Mother Nature could throw at it?

We wore the same pair of shoes you currently wear; and can help you avoid aggravation, lost business revenue and clients. That is why Black Tie is the best in mobile restroom/shower manufacturing industry. We were in the rental business first and then brought all of our knowledge and experience into the plant.
Buying a quality product can save you money in the long run if it is dependable and long-lasting. If your units frequently need repairs or replacement, then spending just a little more on a quality unit may be your solution.

The original designs’ intent, purpose and goals were based on Black Tie’s wealth of real experience. We have been improving our equipment by offering additional looks and features, but very little has changed from our initial design, it is that good. All of our combined years of real-life field experience and equipment experiences went into this outstanding design and finished product.

Most importantly our real life experience taught us what not to do. We improved on the right things and engineered on our own improvement ideas. This laid the groundwork for the most solid restroom/shower trailer in the industry. That is why Black Tie trailers have one of the highest residual values in the industry.

We know what is required on a trailer in order for it to be rentable and dependable on a job site. So, if you are going to live with your investment, rent it as often as possible, move it multiple miles, want it to perform every time and stay looking beautiful, then Black Tie is your manufacturer.

Our time-tested product designs will withstand the demands of heavy use, travel distances, weather conditions and will continue to maintain this pace long after other equipment has been scrapped. We were in the rental business—your business—first and brought our knowledge and experience into the plant.
We know what it takes and we do what it takes.

For more information, visit www.restroomtrailersonline.com or call (877) 253-3533.

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