Facebook Streamlines Ad Process

If you advertise with Facebook, then things are about to get a lot simpler. The Menlo Park, Calif. company announced that it will simplify the process of buying ads by first determining the goal of the ad.

Fidji Simo said in a press release, “Our vision is that over time, an advertiser can come to Facebook and tell us what they are trying to achieve, and our ads tools will automatically suggest the right combination of products to help them achieve it.”

“We want to have a more consistent visual display of our ads across all marketer objectives and Facebook placements,” says Simo. “This will reduce the number of ad formats and make the ad creation process much simpler for advertisers who run multiple campaigns or want to test which ad creative performs the best. We think this will ultimately help advertisers optimize their campaigns across desktop and mobile. A consistent look and feel to our ads will also be a better overall experience for people on Facebook. These changes will start happening in late June.”

Businesses can now choose their objective at the beginning such as increase brand awareness, increase page likes, video views, apps, and others.

“Previously, to get the best social context available, advertisers had to purchase sponsored stories in addition to ads,” says Simo. “In the future, for example, when you create a Page post photo ad, we will automatically add social context to boost performance and eliminate the extra step of creating sponsored stories. We know social enhances ad resonance; people are influenced by this type of word-of-mouth marketing. Research from Nielsen, comScore, and Datalogix shows that social context can drive awareness and return on ad spend, so we want to make it easier to add it to our ads.”

InsideFacebook.com reported that Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics and Facebook ads expert, emailed the company about the announcement and its impact on small business. “Facebook’s move to simplify the ad buying process is great for small business and those with simple goals. It’s not going to affect big brands and direct marketers, who need and use all the targeting and placement options available. But rather than focus on the ad buying process, Facebook will be able to really drive ROI (return on investment) for brands and e-commerce players by improving and automating how they create lookalike audiences and bid to conversions. Guys like us can certainly select thousands of interest and demo targets to find what converts at what price. But Facebook has the data to do it with further optimizations to optimized CPM on action specs and custom audience enhancements.”

“In the coming weeks and months, marketers will start to see these streamlined changes to our ads solutions,” says Simo. “We think these updates will make it easier for them to do what they do best: reach the right groups of people with the right message and drive the results they care most about.”

Story by Jennifer Taylor

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