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Behind the wheel of a race car, on an extreme downhill trail with his mountain bike, in the boardroom with his management team, or on the shop floor leading tradesmen and technicians, the Brudon Air Vac Ltd. CEO’s demeanor is unchanged. Through dedicated effort, hard work and self-discipline, Bruce Wispinski has earned the support and respect of a committed workforce, supplier network and a dedicated customer base.

Wispinski started his career with road construction equipment design and manufacturing in the early 1980’s. These companies included heavy equipment contractors, machine shops and rotating equipment repair companies. Using a diagnostic service approach, he successfully expanded his knowledge base to include pneumatic conveying equipment—more specifically the specialty repairs of positive displacement blowers and rotary vane vacuum pumps.

In 2001, Wispinski founded his first company, Blowertech Ltd. servicing local vacuum truck contractors and the OEM tank truck builder market offering 24/7 mechanical repair and troubleshooting support. “This was a time in our evolution where we catered to a niche market and strongly believed that in order to survive we needed the support and alliance of the big name blower corporations for service center and distribution status,” said Wispinski “What we learned was that the larger companies tend to focus first on sales volume and market share rather than concentrating on solid aftermarket service. This was the underlying motivation for our entry into the blower sales and distribution market.”

Wispinski made this bold business decision in 2010 to go on a global search to find a reliable source of supply. “What we needed was a vacuum blower manufacturer who was willing to go the distance not only in terms of supply capacity but with a positive and responsive attitude towards quality, design revision and continuous improvement,” said Wispinski. “When we inked the deal for North American distribution rights for KAY International blowers I knew we had chosen the right manufacturer and we now have a product that our customers can depend on. The technical merits and performance benchmarks included in the KAY blower design significantly reduce pulsation, slippage and noise levels. The quality of the truck mounted KAIV series is at a level where we offer a two-year warranty. This remains unmatched in the industry by our competitors.

“We offer cost-effective vacuum pump and blower solutions to a wide range of mobile and industrial based clients. We choose to partner with our customers to provide solutions to blower systems and design applications. Attention to detail also makes a big difference in our industry. Our clients appreciate the extra effort in customer service and design application assistance. This attitude not only promotes value but instills confidence.”

Brudon offers numerous airflow package solutions that benefit customers with a competitive advantage that strengthens their core business operations by keeping their fleets in-service and generating revenue.

Our domestic area customer base includes a mobile fleet of vacuum trucks exceeding 5,000 units that work in extreme climate conditions where seasonal temperature swings can go from -40 degree F to highs reaching into the +90 F range.

There is no better test on equipment than extreme weather or off-highway road conditions where blower housings are subjected to the rigour of chassis frame twisting as well as pipe strain.

Our next big break came in March of 2012 when a large mining equipment supply corporation decided to exit the rotating equipment repair business and offered our group of companies the option to purchase their assets. We snapped up these options in less than 24 hours including the large service facility situated on 41/2 acres of land. This gave both companies a much needed boost than if we had started from scratch.

About Brudon Air Vac Ltd:

Brudon Air Vac Ltd. is the exclusive North American distributor for KAY International positive displacement vacuum blowers. The KAIV series blower is capable of continuous 28″ Hg high vacuum power for wet or dry truck mount service applications. Five models are available with an airflow range between 900 – 5,300 CFM. Design features include air-injection cooling and low pulsation tri-lobe impellers. Backed with a two-year warranty the KAY blower is fast becoming the fleet contractor’s choice, offering dependable service life and low cost rebuild features. For more information please visit

About Blowertech Ltd:

Blowertech Ltd is an industry leader providing certified repair, overhaul and refurbishment for all types of mechanical and rotating machinery including blowers, fans, gearboxes, centrifuges, pumps and heavy industry machinery.

All repairs are performed in our 4.5 acre, 27,000 sq/ft repair and service facility located in southeast Edmonton, Alberta utilizing the latest technology, machine tools and calibrated testing equipment.

Blowertech strives to go beyond the basic repair scope with concentration on achieving or exceeding OEM factory specifications. We focus on customer input to solve operational problems by providing solutions to maximize service life and reduce maintenance costs. All repairs are performed in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 quality management program. For more information please visit

Story by Jennifer Taylor

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