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Choosing an odor control product can be an arduous task. Millions of questions run through your mind. It can be such a headache that when you finally find something you like—or don’t hate—you are content to keep it. You’ll want to know: Does it really work? Does it meet the guidelines?

Now that the hot summer months are over and things are slowing down, it might be a good time to evaluate your current products. We’ve assembled a list of products below and were even able to talk to customers that have used PolyPortables’ products to give you an idea of what is on the market.


PolyPortables offers Earth-friendly tank deodorizers, cleaners and air fresheners. “We were green before it was cool,” says Cindy Bouse, sales and marketing director of Green Way Products at PolyPortables. “Kathy was the first to introduce an earth-friendly option into the industry in 2000. Our original line of products, EarthWorks, was recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It started as Natural Boundaries, but in 2004, we decided to offer a full line of products and Green Way was born. These products are smarter alternatives to those manufactured with known carcinogens.”

Under Green Way, PolyPortables expanded its portable sanitation deodorizers to suit the many preferences in today’s portable restroom environment. Whether you prefer liquids, portion control, or both, they have a variety of options for you to choose from in a multitude of fragrances like Cherry, Mulberrier, Fresher n’ Cleaner, Bubble Gum, Pine and Cinnamon Spice. In addition to their standard fragrances, PolyPortables started the Fragrance of the Month (FOM) program. “With the strain of a struggling economy, we wanted to offer our customers the option of using rotating fragrances that could save them up to 30 percent in their deodorizer costs and it’s a program that has helped many companies improve their bottom line even in the toughest times,” says Bouse.

According to Bouse, “If you prefer the low cost of liquids, then consider our Blue Works line of Deodorizers. Blue Works contains no harmful or hazardous ingredients, and is our top-selling liquid deodorizer.” The most unique liquid deodorizer that PolyPortables boasts of is their Earth Works line. It is a 100 percent organic deodorizer that blends natural odor absorbing technology mined from the Earth with bacteria that consumes the waste and reduces mounding.

For portion control, PolyPortables offers Green Way’s DriPax and Turbo Tubes. DriPax is a water soluble product that comes in Mulberrier, Fresher n’ Cleaner, and the FOM fragrances to save you even more money. Turbo Tubes are a liquid portion control delivery option that is perfect for the harshest environments. Each Turbo Tube is individually packaged to withstand water contamination. “It
has the longest shelf life of any portion control product in the market,” says Blouse. They come in Cherry, Mulberrier, and Fresher n’ Cleaner.

Their newest product is the Super Turbo Tube. It’s the same powerful solution as the Turbo Tube but packaged in one-liter bottles.

Green Way also offers Air Works air freshener disks. “These disks are loaded with fragrance oil and are designed to last a week in the portable restroom,” says Bouse. “But in cooler weather, you can expect longer lasting fragrance.”

Spray Works is their fragrance boosting spritz that comes in both ready-to-use and super concentrated formulas. “We manufacture all of our own products and formulate them to order, which gives our customers the flexibility to choose their desired fragrance.”

Other products include Power Works degreaser, Clean Works for all-purpose cleaning projects, Scale Works Urinal Cleaner, and Water Works, a wash-down and deodorizing concentrate.

“I prefer the DriPax because you have more control over it,” says Lorie Lythgoe with S.B. Cox Demolition in Richmond, Virginia. “I do about 1,900 services a week so we use a lot of product. Until 2009, we used Blue Works. A fire wiped out everything that we had and PolyPortables got us the DriPax the next day to get us going. The difference in cost offsets the time to mix the product and spillage.”

Clayton Smith owns B & S Port-O-Jon in Waco, Texas and uses the Turbo Tubes. “You can buy in bulk and it saves you money,” says Smith. “However, you can have problems with a one-gallon jug with some people getting too much or others not enough. What is nice about the Turbo Tubes is that you can count them out for the driver each day. If he needed 50, and you gave him 55, then he comes back with 40 tubes, you know something is wrong. It’s much easier to see if he is doing all of his services. I also like that you have consistency with the Turbo Tubes. You pay a little more for the packaging, but it saves money in the long run.”

“I took the guy’s word about three years ago that Blue Works works and it has,” says Chuck Shropshire. “Everything is compliant with all of those environmental issues. I love the stuff and would recommend it to anyone.”


Walex has a variety of products to suit your preferences. For those of you who want portion control, Walex offers Porta-Pak, Porta-Pak Express, Porta-Tab XL, Porta-Tab, and their natural Bio Pak. For those of you who prefer a liquid, Walex offers formaldehyde-free and formaldehyde-based liquids. Their available fragrances are: Tangerine, Cinnamon Spice, Cherry, Sun Glow, Very Berry, Fantasy, Fraser Fir, Cottonwood, Orient Express, Citfresh, Mulberry, Lemon, Wildflower, Bubble Gum, Beechwood, and Mango.

Porta-Pak comes in two sizes and in tangerine, orient express, Sun Glow, or Mango. You just drop it into the holding tank and add water.

Porta-Pak Express provides week-long odor control for mild climates. It’s great for special events and multiple service and comes in Sun Glow and Mango.

Porta-Tab XL is a biodegradable, non-staining, quick-dissolve tablet that eliminates holding tank odors and treats waste in all portable toilet applications during summer and high-traffic conditions. It comes in Fresh Scent.

Porta-Tab is a biodegradable, non-staining, quick-dissolve tablet that offers week-long odor control in mild climates. It comes in Fresh Scent.

Bio Pak deodorizing packets use highly-effective, natural enzymes to control odor and liquefy waste. It rapidly breaks down waste and paper in a non-staining color and has a new fresh scent.

Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment is a monthly use product that will reduce surface and bottom solids in septic tanks. Simply drop a packet in the toilet and flush every month. It’s good for those households that like to use anti-bacterial products, because it restores the good bacteria in the septic tank.

Formaldehyde-Free Liquid Deodorizers control odors in extreme conditions such as heat or overuse. It breaks down paper and waste to reduce mounding and prevent scale build-up. It’s available in a variety of fragrances.

Formaldehyde-based liquids contain formaldehyde and four additional odor-elimination agents.

Air Scent International

Hole-In-One Urinal Screens has a time-released anti-microbial fragrance that lasts 45-60 days and comes in Cherry-Bubblemint scent. These would work well in a restroom trailer. You can choose from red, black, blue or green or choose a custom color if you order more than 1,000. Hot-stamped private labeling is available when you order 250 or more.

WiZZard Power-Packed Urinal Screens are designed to reduce splash-back. It contains metazene brand odor neutralizer additive to last up to 60 days. They come in a translucent tinted color.

Metazene Wall Spray removes odors on wall surfaces quickly and discreetly.

Satellite Industries, Inc.

Satellite Industries offers a variety of products in portion control or liquid in a variety of fragrances such as Bubblegum, Cherry, Lemon, Mountain Breeze, Mulberry Twist, Spice, Sunshine, Paradise and Tropical Fruit.

For portion control, they offer Quick Scents Plus for use in high traffic or extreme heat in Fresh or Mulberry Twist scents. Quick Scents is also available in the same scents. Quick Scents Bio is an environmentally-safe option that uses a non-pathogenic bacteria that liquefies waste and digests toilet tissue.

For liquid deodorizers, Satellite Industries offers Safe-T-Fresh (non-formaldehyde) and Fresh Form (formaldehyde). Both are non-staining and come in a variety of fragrances. Fresh Form is recommended
for high traffic and extreme heat.

Air Freshener Scent Disks are available in Mulberry Twist and Sunshine scents and last up to 14 days.

Urinal Blocks offer long-lasting fragrance and are safe for use in portable toilets. They come in Potpourri (non-para) Bubblegum, Cherry, Mulberry Twist and Spice.

Other cleaning products available from Satellite Industries are Instant Odor Eliminator, Urinal cleaner, Toilet Washdown, Truck and Trailer Wash, Heavy Duty Degreaser, and Graffiti Remover.

Story by Jennifer Taylor


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