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Rebel High Velocity Sewer ServicesRebel High Velocity Sewer Services provides water jet cleaning, wet/dry vacuum cleaning (septic tanks, waste collections ponds and pits, and spill sites), storm drain jobs, grease trap cleaning, grease wastewater processing, and more.

In 1974, Ralph Compton Jr. began with just one jetter truck–working out of his house in Clinton, Mississippi. He purchased a location eight years later, and worked there until his death.

An employee passed out while working in a manhole. When Compton went down to save him, he passed out and fell in a way that restricted his airflow. Compton’s efforts saved the employee, but they couldn’t save Compton.

His wife sold the company to Walker Environmental Services in 1990. Andrew Walker began expanding the business. “He saw there was a need and bought vacuum trucks,” says Eric Rivers, vice president and general manager. “We don’t have a lot of competitors here in Jackson so business just came.”

Grease Trap Pumping and Treating

Rebel pumps out grease traps for 75 percent of Jackson, Mississippi’s restaurants and others throughout the state. Chains such as KFC and Popeye’s keep the folks at Rebel busy. “It’s probably about 50 percent of our business,” says Rivers. “We put our customers on a 90-day schedule, and service restaurants in one area at the same time, which saves on diesel.”

After Rebel pumps and pressure washes the trap, they treat the waste. “You end up with about 25 percent grease and 75 percent water,” says Rivers. “We use an ALAR system to process the grease–taking it from a liquid to a solid. So, instead of paying to dispose of 1,000 gallons when only 25 percent of it is unacceptable, we use our system.”

The system vacuums water through a filter. Solids accumulate on a drum and a knife removes the solids. After the grease is removed, the water can go to the city sewer.

“It’s better for the environment,” says Rivers. “It’s cleaner and saves us from burning diesel to drive three hours to a landfill. We pass these monetary savings on to our customers and it’s a win-win for everyone.”
Water Jetting

Multi-million dollar customers like Tyson and Sanderson Farms along with residential customers make jetting services one of the largest components of their business.

“We have two Myers units that we’ve had since 1970,” says Rivers. “We keep them maintained and they do a great job. We use them to unstop main sewer lines and trunk lines. We also have a larger one that sits on an International that we use for bigger jobs.”

“We service a lot of older homes and the main thing you run into is the cast iron pipes that rust–turning a 4” pipe into a 2” pipe,” says Rivers. “When that happens, solid waste can’t get through. Of course, you also get kids that stick their toys down it, and some people pour grease down the sink. They don’t realize that it only goes a certain distance before it coagulates. If the line is stopped up, then you get backups into tubs and toilets. Sometimes, we have to go in through the roof and use about 1200 psi to get the stuff to turn loose. Then we clean the line with high pressure.”

Rebel uses their bigger jetter truck to clean pipes that are 8” and larger for the chicken plants which have lead to some funny moments. “We’ve pulled live chickens out before,” says Rivers.

Cities and municipals also take advantage of Rebel’s larger truck when they have something that they can’t get.

Septic Pumping and Other Services

Rebel uses Keith Huber Dominator vacuum trucks to pump out septic tanks and grease traps. “They are such great vehicles and made in Gulf Port,” says Rivers. “We try to buy local when we can. They make their tanks out of stainless steel, which is great for us because we pump out things that are caustic. One sits on a Sterling and the other is on a Freightliner.”

The company uses a Shamrock hydraulic root cutter with a chain link that spins at 100 revolutions per minute that runs off water. “We use it to scrape the pipe and then use Root X to treat,” says Rivers. “Once you cut it out, you need to treat it with a chemical after that because it will just grow back. It works great!”

Rebel also performs sewer line inspections with a Rigid camera. “We clean the lines and then check to see if anything is broken or cracked,” says Rivers.

After Hurricane Katrina, Rebel cleaned out storm drains. “It was pretty bad,” recalls Rivers. “Every storm drain was packed with sand and trash. We used combo jetter trucks to clean them out. It takes a long time to get them clean but we were able to finish about four months after Katrina hit. It was cheaper to do that than for them to dig them up and replace them.”

Folks in Mississippi like Rebel. “We even get referrals from other companies when they can’t do a job,” says Rivers. “They say, ‘call Rebel–they can do it’.”

For more information on Rebel, visit www.rebelsewerservices.com.

Story by Jennifer Taylor


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