Envir-o Linear Air pumps from BLUE DIAMOND PUMPS INC.

Envir-o Linear PumpsAfter 57 years of manufacturing pumps in the UK, Charles Austen Pumps announce the launch of their new site in Georgia USA named Blue Diamond Pumps Inc. where they will be stocking their proven range of Envir-o linear air pumps.

Designed for waste water treatment units (ATU’s) Envir-o combines a specially formulated diaphragm material for extended life whilst incorporating the most energy efficient motors for low power consumption for true low cost for life. The design also includes exceptionally simple low cost servicing which needs only a screw driver to complete. The robust design features a compact alloy casing which is weatherproof and does not degrade over time.

The simple yet efficient pumping principle uses an electro magnetically operated diaphragm, which eliminates sliding parts keeping wear and tear minimal and power consumption low.

This principle combined with a unique noise adsorbing double damping system within the robust alloy casing offers whisper quiet operation of only 40dBA.

A comprehensive range of models is available offering flow rates in steps from 30 l/min to 200 l/min with an exceptionally long service life and 18 months warranty. Frost and rain proof the ET proves ideal for aeration in sewage treatment plants, hotel kitchens, industrial car washers and large scale aquariums. It is equally suited to interior use in odour neutralisers, spas/whirlpools and decorative water features.

To back up our claims of low cost and exceptional reliability here’s what our customers say about the range:

S & S Site Services
“We are a company in the north west of England specializing in waste water treatment. We have been using the ET range of Compressors on various systems for several years and find them to be easy to fit, very quiet and extremely reliable. I would estimate that we have fitted 200–300 over the last year and we haven’t had a single failure or problem to date.”

Marsh Industries
“We have used Charles Austen compressors since they were first launched, over that period they have proved extremely reliable with only one reported failure out of over two thousand used, and even that one it was debatable whether it was the unit at fault. Charles Austen is very competitive on pricing but more importantly excellent on service!”

For further information please contact:
Lisa Birch, Product Manager
Tel: 770 831 1122, Email: lisa@bluediamondpumps.com

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