Super Products’ New Durasucker: Dependable Solution for the Removal and Transportation of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Liquids

Super Products LLC has expanded its product line offering with the addition of its new Durasucker®, a DOT/ASME approved vehicle for use in industrial and environmental cleanups.

The Durasucker is a robust liquid vacuum truck with a 3,200-gallon payload capacity designed for removing and transporting liquids, sludge and semi-solid waste. Its high vacuum and pressure offloading provide dependable performance even in the most challenging applications.

The unit’s 72-inch carbon steel cargo tank has a maximum allowable working pressure of 35 PSIG internal and 15 PSIG external (full vacuum). The cargo tank is constructed and certified in conformance with Section VIII of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers pressure vessel code and the Durasucker is certified to meet the U.S. Department of Transportation’s specification DOT412 for hauling hazardous materials on the highway.

As with all Super Products’ equipment, the Durasucker is designed and built for high performance and long life. This new industrial and environmental liquid vacuuming solution includes a wide range of features that ensure ease of use and optimize safety.

Headquartered near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Super Products LLC has been a leading manufacturer of innovative truck-mounted vacuum equipment since 1972. The company’s line of Supersucker® industrial vacuum loaders, Camel® sewer and catch basic cleaners, and Mud Dog® hydro excavators are recognized for their high quality, durability and ease of operation.

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