Westfall Static Mixer: Constant Head Loss Saves Energy

A variable flow static mixer for any fluid handling system that automatically adjusts to hold the head loss constant over 80% of the flow range is available from Westfall Manufacturing Company of Bristol, Rhode Island.

The Westfall Model 2900 Variable Flow Static Mixer optimizes mixing and minimizes head loss by employing two in-line wafer type mixers, one fixed and one variable, which adjusts incrementally to maintain constant head loss. Providing consistent mixing over a 20:1 turndown ratio, this mixer
reduces overall system head loss at high flow rates and permits the use of smaller pumps.

Saving energy and pump wear-and-tear, the Westfall Model 2900 Variable Flow Static Mixer is available in sizes from 3/8″ to 120″ I.D. Separated by a distance equal to two pipe diameters; as the flow velocity increases, the variable mixer opens to reduce excessive head loss. The fixed mixer has a 0.9 Beta ratio and the variable mixer has a 0.7 Beta ratio.

The Westfall Model 2900 Variable Flow Static Mixer is priced from $4,000.00 to $300,000.00 (list), depending upon size and material of construction. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

For more information call (888) 928-3747, e-mail rglanville@westfallmfg.net or visit www.westfallmfg.com.

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