Introducing from Polylok: The New Polylok STEP System

In a properly functioning septic tank, the Polylok STEP System (Septic Tank Effluent Pump) will draw effluent from the middle layer (aka “the clear zone”) of your septic tank, filter the remaining unwanted solids then pump the effluent to either a dispersal or wastewater treatment system.

The system installs quickly in a 24” diameter opening in a new or existing concrete or fiberglass tanks. The easy access dual compartment design allows the filter cartridge to be removed without pulling the pump or the entire vault thus saving time and money.

Our complete engineered system includes the polyethylene basin, effluent filter, .5hp High-Head turbine effluent pump 10, 20 (standard) and 30 gpm versions available, internal piping, float switches and a control panel. (Many control configurations and options are available).

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