Cape Cod Biochemical Company Known for Customer Education

Cape Cod Biochemical Company, the premier manufacturer of biological waste treatments in the U.S. has been formulating highly effective, environmentally safe, USDA-approved products for residential, commercial, institutional, and municipal applications since 1955.

In 1976, Cape Cod Biochemical narrowed their focus to the septic-related trades. The ccls family of products—ccls liquid formulation for residential and commercial septic system maintenance, BIO-REM E-D granular grease trap and sewer and drain line treatment, DrainMaster concentrated drain cleaner for grease trap maintenance, and AfterShock bioremediation restorative are available exclusively through the septic trades in all 50 states and Canada.

Cape Cod Biochemical’s products are all USDA-approved, state-of-the-art formulations to treat the applications that technicians in the septic trades encounter every working day. Cape Cod Biochemical’s products have been laboratory enhanced to digest the grease, fats, oil, carbohydrates, starches, proteins, cellulose, and detergents that commonly build up in residential and commercial plumbing, septic tank, and grease waste systems.

Cape Cod Biochemical is most noted for their high quality products and lightning-fast service, but even more so, they are noted for their relationships with their network of dealers. They have hands-on experience in the septic trades. They offer honest advice as to how to solve septic related problems, even if Cape Cod Biochemical’s products are not part of the solution. Each of Cape Cod Biochemical’s products is accompanied by an educational/marketing brochure specific to the product.

For more information about Cape Cod Biochemical Company and their “Better Business Through Customer Education” program, call 1-800-759-CCLS (800-759-2257), or visit

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