Pall Mobile Water System Helps Alleviate Drought Crisis in Tuvalu

A mobile water treatment system from Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) has been deployed by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) to drought-stricken Tuvalu, the Pacific island nation battling a crippling water shortage. Part of an international crisis response, the Pall WTS30 microfiltration (MF) and reverse osmosis (RO) system is providing 40,000 liters of fresh water per day for the island’s 10,500 residents. The system is owned and operated by the New Zealand military.

This is the second humanitarian deployment of Pall’s mobile water technology by the New Zealand military this year. In March, the NZDF utilized a Pall system to provide water relief for victims of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

Earlier this month, Tuvalu officials declared a state of emergency in the midst of prolonged drought worsened by rising sea levels, which have contaminated fresh water tables. The Pall mobile system transforms salt water into drinking water and is operating from the wharf at Funafuti, the capital city. It has helped deliver 2,000 liters per day to the area hospital, 1,000 liters to each of the three schools, and the remainder is being pumped to public works distribution points. A Pall Advanced Separation Systems (PASS) technician is on the ground in Tuvalu to assist in full commissioning and operation of the system.

“Pall is gratified to supply a solution that meets an emergency humanitarian need in Tuvalu. Our mobile water systems are increasingly being called upon to meet the demand for solutions that can be deployed rapidly to provide a clean water source where none existed previously or where existing sources have been compromised,” said Greg Collins, senior vice president, Pall Water and Energy. “Pall’s microfiltration and reverse osmosis technologies are ideal for both emergency relief and long-term installations.”

About Pall Water Treatment Systems
The WTS30 system is capable of producing drinking water from almost any raw water source within hours after delivery. Using state-of-the-art hollow fiber and reverse osmosis membrane technologies, the system desalinates sea water and transforms it into water that is free from harmful bacteria, cysts, and particles. Requiring minimal manpower for operation and maintenance, the WTS30 is one of several Pall mobile water systems that enable municipalities, military units and ships at sea to boost water production on a permanent or temporary basis.

The WTS30 system used in Tuvalu incorporates Microza* microfiltration membranes for pre-filtration and Disc TubeTM reverse osmosis membranes for desalination. Designed to military defense standard 00-35, the robust system is housed in two 10-ft. ISO containers and is shock and vibration qualified for transportation by land, sea or air.

In October 2009, two Pall WTS100 mobile water treatment systems were deployed as part of “Operation Padang Assist,” the Australian government’s humanitarian response to earthquakes in Indonesia. In June 2010, the city of Calexico, California engaged four Pall Aria™ systems to supply up to four million gallons of potable water per day following an earthquake that disrupted the municipal water supply there.

Pall is a leader in permanent and mobile membrane technology solutions for municipal and industrial water and emergency relief applications. The Company provides water treatment systems for large and small municipalities and industrial customers around the world. In addition to serving the $13 billion municipal water market, Pall’s filtration technology is increasingly becoming a critical component in intake and process water for food, beverage, chemical, oil, gas, power and semiconductor production, among others. Pall’s technology helps ensure a greener future by enabling businesses to conserve and reuse water, and to restore wastewater to environmentally safe levels before discharge.

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*Microza is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.

Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall works with customers to advance health, safety and environmentally responsible technologies. The Company’s engineered products enable process and product innovation and minimize emissions and waste. Pall Corporation, with total revenues of $2.7 billion for fiscal year 2011, is an S&P 500 company with almost 11,000 employees serving customers worldwide. Pall has been named a “top green company” by Newsweek magazine. To see how Pall is helping enable a greener, safer, more sustainable future, follow us on Twitter @PallCorporation or visit

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