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Thinking green-mindedly is becoming more and more mainstream these days, across all industries. It goes without saying, then, that thinking green-mindedly is a priority for the septic industry, especially when it comes to controlling odor in portable restrooms. More and more companies are choosing to manufacture non-formaldehyde based products, as formaldehyde based ones endanger marine systems and our environment, actually killing the good bacteria vital to breaking down waste.

Operators of wastewater treatment facilities are putting on the pressure to portable toilet and pumper companies concerning the composition of chemicals being pumped into the systems from the tanks of the pumping trucks. Formaldehyde-based odor control products are the main target, and many of the products being used are creating major problems for the treatment facilities.

“Biological kills” of the bacteria used to break down the solid waste through the introduction of many of the toxic products into the treatment system is one problem. These products in the effluent also create unacceptable water release problems for the facilities. As a solution, companies are needing to find a safe yet effective product that will control odor in portable restrooms. In addition, these companies also need to find a product that is accepted by wastewater treatment facility operators.

An intense and pleasing fragrance does not automatically mean the chemically-based product used to deodorize a portable restroom is working. These products oftentimes only mask the odor. To boot, many chemical treatment products contain formaldehyde that do little to break down waste. In fact, they are formulated to kill the useful bacteria and impede their ability to work in an effective way. When pumped out at a campground facility, for instance, they then kill the useful bacteria working to break down the waste in the overall system. That’s where Chempace comes in.

Non-formaldehyde based products use a number of natural ingredients to break down waste and deodorize portable toilet water at the same time, and Toledo, Ohio based Chempace offers all non-formaldehyde formulations that are biodegradable and environmentally safe. Their super strength concentrated toilet treatment with extra odor blockers, fragrance and non-staining dye are perfect for use in hard to control sites and extreme conditions.

Chempace believes that once septic and sanitation professionals see their new green logo made of non-toxic, non-caustic ingredients, they’ll know the product overall is 100% environmentally friendly. Their bioFORCE product for grease traps, drain lines and portable restrooms increases the life cycle of septic systems and leech fields, as well as controls odor at their source.

No job is too big or too small for the Toronto-based Johnny’s Choice. Manufactured by Chemcorp Industries, Inc., Johnny’s Choice caters to one-man operations, large companies, and huge events that require thousands of portable restrooms. No matter the job size, Johnny’s Choice knows the importance of good customer service and part of that means keeping portable restroom odors at bay. They offer an extensive and effective product line to do just that.

Johnny’s Choice manufactures their own products and attributes their success on the personal attention they give to each customer. The company’s Biosorb offers an effective liquid concentrate that lasts year round and utilizes bacterial deodorant agents making it a great environmentally friendly product. Biosorb uses enzyme action to break down waste, as well as contains a non-staining blue color and long lasting fragrance.

Corey Morton of Walex Products, Inc. says, “I think the biggest challenge for our customers and our products is overuse of the units. Often times you will see 20 workers on a job site with only one portable restroom that is serviced once a week. The site manager, many times, is unwilling to spend the money for an extra unit that is obviously needed.”

Walex knows how to help combat the problem of odor control for those portable restrooms that might see overuse and under maintenance. All of the company’s formulas are centered around the WAVE 2 Technology, which offers superior odor control on several levels. Their WAVE 2 Technology attacks odors throughout the service week, whereas most traditional deodorizers exhaust themselves by Day 2. Walex’s best sellers are the Porta-Pak portion control product and the PT-50 Supreme super concentrate non-formaldehyde liquid.

Walex’s most recent success has centered around their Vacu-Fresh Pump Exhaust Deodorizer System. Morton explains, “This system eliminates odors from pump truck vacuum pumps. We have developed a deodorizing liquid that encapsulates the odor molecule as it enters the filtration tank and exits the exhaust odor free.” Morton says the Vacu-Fresh Pump Exhaust Deodorizer System is great to have when servicing units at crowded special events and for overall service image.

According to Walex’s website, company president Bill Williams said, “Our products are needed to maintain the health and safety of living and work conditions of people all over the globe, and are needed to treat waste and protect the environment.”

Story by Megan McClure

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