Lenzyme Offers Private Labeled Packaging

Lenzyme, the international leader in contractor’s septic products, has taken another step up to help their distributors earn more profits.

Lenzyme introduces the all-new Lenzyme Waste and Grease Digestant Private Labeled Packaging. Lenzyme has been the leader in providing contractor septic products since 1976 and private label packaging since 1999. Lenzyme’s private labeled packaging consists of several new features that make it easier for your customer and better for your companies exposure through private labeling.

First we redesigned the box. This included the environmentally friendly colors of blue and white. Next we added more educational information on the outside of the box along with a translation in Spanish. Then we added the best feature of all, our easy dispense system for the waste treatment packets. To complete the box, we coated the entire outside to make it more smudge and water resistant. Inside the box we added calendar reminder stickers for your customer to use right on their personal calendars.

Next we redesigned the packets with more educational information, Spanish translation, and color coordinated the packets with the box. Our last featured update is the educational brochures. Again we added more educational information along including filter maintenance and the importance of having you, the professional there to clean out their systems on a regular basis. Each box also has a reorder card inside that drops down to remind your customer to call you back. Top this all off with the custom private label that we do for you FREE of charge and your customer will never forget who performed their work. More information on private labeling can be found on our website at www.lenzyme.com.

All this, combined with our high quality products, marketing strategies, and customer service we believe you will retain your customers, increase your visibility, and earn more profits.

For more information or if you would like Lenzyme to design a FREE private label for you email lenzymesales@gmail.com or call toll free at: 1-800-223-3083.

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