Bio-Microbics’ “Trifecta of Sustainability” Works to Reduce Water Consumption

In today’s business environment, the marketplace becomes more global. Older technologies and schools of thought fall by the wayside as proven products with more advantages enter the market. The most powerful and sustainable source for future prosperity is living with better ideas—especially ideas about sustainable water resources.

You can live up to water discharge regulations and standards, as well as possibly reduce your water consumption for your site by using an onsite sewage treatment system. An onsite system can treat the water on site for available reuse for site irrigation and backflow for toilets in the restrooms to reduce potable water use or other reuse methods of grey water purposes. The reclaimed water adheres to the water efficiency standards in Coding Guidelines in most “Green” building certification programs, such as USGBC® LEED® among others.

tri•fec•ta noun \trī-‘fek-tə, trī-\ : a variation of the perfecta in which a bettor wins by selecting the first three finishers of a race in the correct order of finish.

“The Trifecta of Sustainability” for prioritizing decisions about Sustainability Action Plans consists of a triple advantage decentralized solutions has on the sine qua non approach:

• Environmental Stewardship: to reduce the impact on resources, such
as water, in the communities.
• Community Considerations: to meet and exceed regional expectations and requirements.
• Economic Considerations: to evaluate and measure return on investment of sustainability efforts.

With a conventional septic system, only 10%-40% of treatment occurs in the tank. Whereas an advanced wastewater treatment system, such as Bio-Microbics’ FAST® systems, does 95%-99% of the treatment before discharging out in to the environment (usually a drain field). If untreated, wastewater enters groundwater or waterways, and this can cause a potential health hazard to the community. Treating the water before reaching the lateral field is the safest alternative and can reduce or altogether eliminate the need for the drain field.

The NSF® 40/NSF® 245 certified MicroFAST® and BioBarrier® MBR are specifically designed for the unique needs of the onsite and decentralized wastewater industry. The fixed integrated treatment technologies (FITT™) deliver unmatched effluent quality for reuse and dispersal into sensitive environmental areas. Focusing on “Green” chemistry, also called ‘sustainable chemistry’, the nitrogen reduction of Bio-Microbics’ FAST® and BioBarrier® MBR technology meets and exceeds most worldwide regulatory requirements.

Using multiple biological, biochemical, chemical and physical processes that occur simultaneously within our wastewater treatment systems, FAST® systems lessen the impact of harmful pollutants and influent ammonia levels found in wastewater. A large biomass combined with longer sludge age lessens the impact of low temperature effects, further enabling a more complete nitrification process.
Bio-Microbics’ unique products are designed to take all aspects of the treatment process into consideration, including:

• Consistent Performance
• Easy Installation
• Minimal Maintenance
• Dependable Operation
• Service Simplicity
• Long-Term Reliability
• Pre-Engineered Design
• Modularized/Scalable
• Flexible Integration
• World-Wide Regulatory Compliance
• Universally Adaptable
• Quick/Convenient Global Shipping

MicroFAST®, MyFAST®, MarineFAST®, NitriFAST®, HighstrengthFAST®, RetroFAST®, BioBarrier® HSMBR®, and BioBarrier® MBR have proven themselves to meet the rigorous demands of the most challenging projects.

Bio-Microbics, Inc. and Scienco/FAST, a division of Bio-Microbics, manufactures clean technologies for the onsite commercial, residential, and marine wastewater treatment markets that harness renewable water sources from wastewater and stormwater treatment systems to offer significant benefits for water redistribution. These advanced treatment systems use multiple biological, biochemical and physical methods that can occur simultaneously and reduce nitrogen in the process. Bio-Microbics’ products are tested and certified by many National and International Certification programs. Focusing on “green” (sustainable) chemistry, their products deliver consistent high performance in a simple, pre-engineered, modular design for easy shipment around the globe.

For more information visit or call 1.800.753.FAST.

Information provided by the Marketing Communications Dept., Bio-Microbics, Inc.

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