Pressure Washers, Blowers and Pumps Designed to Make Life Easier

What would the septic industry look like without tools such as pressure washers and pumps to aid in getting a job done? It’s all about making life easier, and Water Cannon, Hydra-Tech Pumps and Fruitland Tool and Manufacturing specialize in blowers and pumps designed to solve any septic problem with the greatest of ease.

Water Cannon specializes in versatility and knowledge

Water Cannon’s pumps get a ‘V’ for versatility. They can be used as stand-alone pressure washers or can be put into a pressure washer and used that way. They are able to function as a stationary pump or a pressure washer that can be moved around, and the company’s extensive repertoire of products gives their customers lots to choose from.

Marketing Coordinator Sharyn Regan says the company’s Annovi Reverberi product line is one of the more popular brands that Water Cannon offers, “Our customers really trust it.” Although, the company boasts hundreds of models of pumps which requires that a knowledgeable staff of sales guys be on hand and Water Cannon delivers. They employ a knowledgeable staff, all of whom have the ability to help any customer in need of assistance.

Regan says, “Water Cannon is a family-owned, American company.” The company, which has been in business for 30 years, features products that are almost entirely made in the United States. They’ve recently rolled out a new website so customers can more easily navigate through their product line and find what they need. The site boasts a new Advanced Search feature, and Regan says, “The Advanced Search features pictures and descriptions so customers can find what they’re looking for.”

Visit them at or call 1-800-333-9274.

Logging long hours pay off for Hydra-Tech

Hydra-Tech Pumps’ genesis traces back to the mid-1970s. Founder and current Director of Engineering, Ken Reim, worked for several different pump companies and eventually left that career to begin his own pump rental business in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania. While successfully operating Pump Rentals, customers would often ask Reim, “Do you have a pump that can do…?” Tired of saying no to many of these requests, Reim decided that he needed to begin working to satisfy his customer’s demands by designing pumps and hydraulic power units to meet those customers’ needs.

Thus, as he began to manufacture submersible pumps, Reim became—and still is—one of the pioneers in the development and refinement of Hydraulically Driven Submersible Pumps. The first hydraulic power unit from Hydra-Tech was built in Reim’s garage, and things really began to take off when Reim and his partner started taking production orders from the international care agency World Vision. At the same time, they began private labeling Hydra-Tech’s equipment to a multi-national pump company. While all of this was happening, Reim was splitting his time between Hydra-Tech and Pump Rentals. He then decided to focus solely on Hydra-Tech, and the partners sold of Pump Rentals to Untied Rentals.

With the additional hours, Reim was able to expand the product line and take on more and more business, including conceptualizing, engineering and ultimately building many custom units for customers in industries ranging from oil refining to marine contracting, to municipalities to government agencies. As the 1970s passed in to the 2000s, Reim and his partner enjoyed some very good years and some lean years, but Reim never lost his enthusiasm for helping customers with their unique pump and power unit requirements. Then in the mid 2000s, Reim and his business partner decided to sell Hydra-Tech to its current owners. Following the sale, Reim’s partner retired, and after learning the business for two years at the Mt. Holly, NJ location, the business was moved to its current location in Nesquehoning, PA.

Over the last three years, Hydra-Tech has added an average of two new pumps to its line each year. One of the most effective undertakings is the conversion of electric submersible pumps to hydraulic drive pumps. This modification allows the customer to have a pump system which can not only be used in the remotest of locations, but it also provides a pump which can out-perform the same size electric drive pump, in terms of head pressure and pumpage volume. Furthermore, Reim says there is a pump on the drawing board right now which should provide a unique solution for pumping in hazardous environments such as long wall mining applications.

The company’s best sellers, according to Reim, are the all-around solids handling pumps. The S6T and its baby brother the S3T are the most popular pumps. They are both versatile enough to move materials ranging from clean water to sewage laden dirty water, to oily water and even heavier materials like sludge and driller’s mud.

In addition to manufacturing products in their Pennsylvania facility, Hydra-Tech is a leading manufacturer of primarily domestically sourced castings and other components. Their willingness to listen to the customer, propose solutions for that customer and follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction make Hydra-Tech’s total product offering the finest and most cost effective amongst manufacturers of hydraulic submersibles and pumps in general. Visit or call (570) 645-3779 for more information.

Fruitland: leader in vacuum pump engineering, design and manufacturing

Fruitland Tool and Manufacturing, founded in 1957, specializes in machining and tooling and is recognized as a worldwide leader in engineering, design, and manufacturing of air-cooled, commercial-duty Vacuum Pumps for the liquid waste industry. Fruitland Vacuum Pumps are widely used in the Oil/Gas, Industrial, Septic, Grease, and Environmental markets and are produced under a strict QA/QC program which allows Fruitland to offer a two-year factory warranty. Fruitland Vacuum Pumps are designed to reduce operating cost, and downtime.

The company’s Eliminator Series is designed to tackle the toughest applications in fluid handling business, which includes the oilfield, industrial, septic, grease, environmental and wastewater industries.

Fruitland began with a service area in and around Ontario, Canada, but has expanded on a world-wide scale as the manufacturer of the Fruitland Vacuum Pumps for oil clean-up operations in Siberia, for the tank cleaning on aircraft carriers, the J.F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida and by Environmental Pumper Truck Operators. Fruitland pumps are also used under severe conditions with minimal maintenance, whether in the deserts of the Middle East or the Arctic Circle.

They have kept pace with modern technologies by committing large investments to new C.N.C. machining equipment, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems and software for the design and machining processes over the years. Virtually any type of custom machining from one piece to high production, C.N.C. or conventional can be handled by a qualified and dedicated staff.

As manufacturers, Fruitland has the capacity to meet customers’ specific requirements with all the models that they supply. For more information about Fruitland call 800.663.9003 or visit

Story by Megan McClure

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