Tools That Are A Cut Above the Rest

Jobs in the liquid waste industry are loaded with hazards. In addition, jobs can sometimes involve intricate and complicated workspace scenarios, and having the right tools and equipment can make all the difference in helping a job reach completion with ease. No matter what the job is, having the right tools and equipment can increase productivity, improve safety and aid in preventing disease.

Toico Industries, headquartered in Ogden, Utah, was established in 1996 and has an additional location in Atlanta, Georgia to better accommodate their clients on the East Coast. Keeping workers clean is, understandably, a big issue in the liquid waste industry, and Toico specializes in a full line of accessories such as gloves, hard hats, coveralls, brushes and grabbers to keep workers away from the disease harboring materials that they work with on a daily basis.

Toico also offers an extensive line of odor eliminating products. Jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, the company manufactures Enviro-Tabs, which use natural enzymes to digest waste on contact. The tabs come in 40, 60 and 70 gram quantities and have a strong, lasting Fresh-N-Clean scent.

Another Atlanta, Georgia based company is Liquid Waste Industries (LWI). LWI has been in business a long time and has the vast inventory to prove it. They provide everything from RV pump out kits & parts to trailers for restroom delivery.

Like Toico, LWI offers their customers an extensive line of gloves, brushes and odor control products. They feature their own line of highly concentrated non-formaldehyde portable restroom OdorGuard specifically designed for areas of high traffic and high, intense heat.

StoneAge has come a long way from their first and only tool which was a hand-held waterjet drill used by uranium miners to drill holes in rocks as opposed to blasting them. StoneAge now has over 170 dealers in over 40 countries. They work with most of the world’s high pressure pump manufacturers, their dealers and their dealer’s customers. With this global network they can share waterblasting successes and failures and be a resource on how to improve processes across a wide range of applications. Director of Marketing and Business for StoneAge, Bill Shires, says, “Quite often we get a call from someone who is desperately looking for a solution to his challenging application and we can then refer him to
a solution that we provided for someone else with the same problem.”

StoneAge Waterblast Tools, located in Durango, Colorado, introduces more than one new tool a month, which far surpasses any other manufacturer in our industry. They regard themselves as an engineering company who provides solutions to their industry’s toughest cleaning challenges. Shires says, “In most cases, our high pressure contractor customer base can discuss new tool requirements with our engineering team and our technical sales staff to find better and safer ways to improve processes.”

The company’s Banshee ProTex was launched in July of this year, and it is a lightweight, durable splashguard designed to keep operators of hand-held flexible hoses safe from the potential hazards of using high pressure water jets. The ProTex™ can be used with the entire range of Banshee® rotary nozzles and the unique anti-withdrawal collet easily adjusts to fit many hose sizes. StoneAge® offers an optional 3 ft. long tube for use with a stinger.

StoneAge concentrates on very specific product offerings. They only manufacture tools that apply the high pressure water in better and safer ways. They do not offer pumps, pump parts, hoses, or safety gear and are very focused on the waterblasting tools.

StoneAge is an engineering firm dedicated to the advancement of waterblasting technologies. Sharing this information and educating their customers is a win-win situation for everyone. Their engineering team has supplied numerous award winning papers at the WJTA conference about a wide range of topics. With this history StoneAge learned that the industry is yearning for a source to learn more about surface preparation, pipe & tank cleaning, and sewer cleaning. Shires says they often get questions like “when removing paint lines on an airport runway, how fast should the surface speed be in relation to the rotation speed of the bar head?” or “When cleaning a sewer line, how much pressure does it take to cut roots?” Where Shires thinks the company helps people the most is in understanding pressure loss. Especially when working at pressure of 40,000 psi, the length and size of the hose can make or break a high profile job if the pressure loss across that hose is not understood.

To move past the WJTA engineering papers StoneAge started their Tool Talk series which is a simple one page introduction to the main principles of how to approach those challenges. According to Shires, Tool Talk has been a big success and says StoneAge is taking the steps now to follow through with more training aids by providing customers with application specific papers and a video series set to launch in 2012.

Whether it be tool to aid in waterblasting, keep workers free of disease or keep portable restrooms free of odor, StoneAge, Toico and Liquid Waste Industries have got you covered.

Story by Megan McClure

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