Gamajet Cleaning Systems Announces Release of PowerFLEX

PowerFLEX—New Low Pressure Impingement Tank Cleaner Sells out in First Week

Gamajet Cleaning Systems, located in Exton, Pennsylvania, announced in May the release of the PowerFLEX tank cleaning machine. The PowerFLEX offers over 400 times the cleaning force of a standard spray ball at the same pressure and flow. At a 10 ft. distance, operating at 30 gpm and 50 psi, for example, the Gamajet PowerFLEX produces nearly 10 lbs. of force. The average spray ball in the same scenario produces .01-.5 lbs. More power, therefore, results in fewer resources such as time, water and chemicals, which, oftentimes, means up to 85% savings.

The average operating conditions for the Gamajet PowerFLEX is between 50-100 psi and 20-80 gallons per minute. At such conditions, the PowerFLEX will maintain 8-15 lbs. of force at a 10 ft. distance, this amount of impact at such low pressures is unattainable by any other tank cleaning machine. The PowerFLEX also incorporates a sanitary design, including FDA compliant materials, self cleaning and draining capabilities, as well as a high polish, sanitary finish, making it the ideal tank cleaning machine for both sanitary and industrial applications. In addition, the PowerFLEX utilizes a patented technology that makes it 20-30 percent more durable than other rotary tank cleaners. As a result, the Gamajet PowerFLEX exceeded expectations and sold out of the initial build in the first week of offering. After being placed on backorder for a week, the PowerFLEX is once again available.

Like all Gamajet machines, the PowerFLEX utilizes Gamajet Cleaning Systems proven rotary impingement technology, which optimizes the pressure and flow (machines are fluid drive- no external motor required) to create high impact cleaning jets. These jets then scour the entire tank interior in a repeatable and reliable 360-degree manner, resulting in the most efficient and effective cleaning.

“We are very proud of the development of the Gamajet PowerFLEX. It fills a gap in our product line, fits the needs of our customers, and further instates our reputation as the leader in tank cleaning technology” says Robert Delaney, chairman of Gamajet Cleaning Systems.

The Gamajet PowerFLEX offers highly efficient and effective tank cleaning, at a more reasonable pressure. Facilities can trial or purchase the PowerFLEX through any authorized Gamajet distributor, or directly through Gamajet Cleaning Systems.

For additional information visit or call 1-877-426-2538.

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