EcoHancer is a Greenovative Way to Treat Septic Back-up

Dan Weintraub of Greenovative Technologies, located in Mt Laurel, New Jersey, is a man who knows the value of reusing, reducing and recycling. Although, in his case, the saying would be reuse, recycle and render. He arrived at Greenovative with a background in rendering, meaning he was a buyer and seller of the insides and skins of animals. For 20 years, he saw what a hot commodity animal by-products were and the many ways in which the materials were recycled, either into cosmetics, soaps, even feed and food for animals. He could certainly tell some stories about his experiences. “You’re not eating your lunch are you?” he asked when we spoke over the phone.

Opting not to go into too many details, he focused instead on EcoHancer, a septic product that emerged from his next career gig after rendering—biofuels. Weintraub spent over a decade working at the forefront of the biodiesel industry. He collected the oil, which he later sold as biofuel and quickly learned the issues people were having, “People were going through problems that was ending up on my truck,” he said, “It was the stuff that couldn’t fit down the drain.”

Weintraub was happy to be working in an industry that supported the environment, but he was happier finding a solution to the problems he was seeing, as well as finding a way to prevent those problems from ever finding their way onto his truck. “We need to work together to make a cleaner environment,” Weintraub said, and he’s doing his part by selling and spreading the word about EcoHancer.

Twenty-five percent of the United States uses septic, and that’s a large market. “I want the ones in trouble,” Weintraub said, “I tell them, ‘Let’s try something simple before we dig up and spend lots of money.’” That simple solution is EcoHancer. “We’re on the forefront of a product that is about to explode,” he said about the all-natural, sludge build-up reducer, “The more we’re discovering what it can do, the more excited we become about it.”

A 100% peat based product, Greenovative extracts the liquid from peat and puts it back into the environment in such a way that it adapts and creates bacteria at increased microbial rates that are five times the normal rate. The good bacteria produce hungry enzymes, and Weintraub described, “The babies being produced can do the work of two—it’s like they’re naturally on steroids.” Those enzymes attack the organic matter in the septic system and the result is 100% natural, as well.

The result is CO2 and water. “And that’s perfect for the environment,” Weintraub said, “We’re producing something that’s natural and doesn’t hurt the environment, and it reduces the need for fertilizer by 50%. We’re about as organic as you’re gonna get.

“We increase the population that’s there,” he said, “Those are the key two words—taking what’s there and boosting what’s there, but naturally.” He stressed that EcoHancer is not manufactured in a lab and does not clog drainfields, which can happen with products that are manufactured.

Weintraub thinks the best practice, of course, is to prevent the problem long before it reaches the drainfield, “I can help you, but you need to improve your drain habits.” Greenovative works mainly with restaurants, and Weintraub sees people’s kitchen practices and sees that changes need to be made.

“Grease traps turn into food waste traps,” he said. He does realize, however, that despite correcting a problem at its origin, some issues are unforeseeable. “I see some things that are done right. People just didn’t plan for growth.”

A major problem Weintraub finds is undersized drainfields that can’t handle the amount of waste that is being fed into it. The resulting damage can be costly, and Weintraub said, “We’re a solution to going into costly repairs.” EcoHancer is an option for customers to try before that costly damage occurs, and he said it is to great success.

Weintraub cited one instance where a clogged drainfield behind a restaurant was buried under three feet of water. The location of the field was hindering patrons’ ability to park and, therefore, hurting the restaurant’s business. Using 64 ounces of EcoHancer, Weintraub helped the restaurant owners get the water level down to half a foot of water in three weeks. “The owner’s wife hugged me,” he said.

Weintraub easily shares the credit for the work he does, “I work with a really great group of people,” he said, and that includes a number of well respected South Jersey Engineers, “They’re expertise runs deep.

“There is a message behind this product and I stand behind it,” he said, “This, environmentally, is the breakthrough, and I want to be a part of it.” There are a number of sludge reducing products on the market, but the all-natural, organic peat based EcoHancer is a diamond in the rough.

For more information visit or call 856.234.4540.

Story by Jade Acadia

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