The Right Equipment to Clean Your Pipes

Tired of irate calls, overflows, and other problems with poorly performing sewers? With the right equipment, and the work done by professionals who are well trained and experts in their field, hassles and inefficiencies can disappear as fast as that pesky debris clogging your pipes.

Emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours, and nothing can be as frustrating as production “down-time,” especially when it has to do with equipment failure due to maintenance. But when it happens, you want equipment to be back up and running as quickly as possible and at maximum operating capacity. You want to trust the industrial cleaning service you call will be responsive, detailed and professional and using the absolute best equipment for the job.

Preventative maintenance is critical to your operation. And the most important part of scheduling preventative maintenance is selecting the time when it’s going to be performed and feeling confident that you will be up and running as soon as possible, on schedule, with minimum disruption and returning to operating at peak efficiency.

It’s crucial to evaluate the scope of the project, and develop a plan of action which is a custom solution for your facility and equipment, whether for performance, maintenance or for cleaning of failed systems. Custom solutions are NozzTeq’s specialty.

Based in Dunedin, Florida, NozzTeq follows the credo, “Yesterday’s innovations are taken for granted today.” They are constantly striving to improve their product line with the end result of making their customer’s lives easier. But they don’t stop there. They’re ready and willingness to develop a custom solution to any company’s problem is what they pride themselves on.

GapVax, located in Johnstown, PA, is another company that understands the need to meet their customers well beyond halfway. Offering custom built equipment is the way GapVax stays competitive in the septic industry, and they will custom build vacuum equipment and accessories for the industrial cleaning industry, including their industrial vacuum loader, hydro-excavator, and combination JetVac, as well as specialty built vacuum skids.

“The BL Swiper is the most innovative product on the market,” Scott Paqet says of NozzTeq’s premiere nozzle. The flow rate can almost be cut in half, compared with normal flow needs. The pressure has a direct impact on the cleaning ability of the BL Swiper. By increasing the water pressure, the thrust power will also accelerate, decreasing the total cleaning time. NozzTeq features two versions of the BL Swiper—one to go with an 8 to 18 inch pipe and the other to fit a 15 inch pipe.

The company developed their Jaws Nozzles 25 years ago, and they have set the standard that all other nozzles are measured against. Not wanting this to be one innovation taken for granted, NozzTeq redesigned it by including air channels into the nozzles. The channels allowed for less resistance so the jetstream can go longer, further and faster.

Sending in an expert cleaning crew who understands the scope of the work to be performed is almost as important as the product being used to get the job done right. Almost. NozzTeq, for instance, will go into an industrial plant and use their signature Packer and Lumberjack cutters to clean out debris, such as phosphate build-up, sand, grease, and, according to Paqet, “anything that you can think of that can grow in a pipe.”

The GapVax SV-11 system, which is designed for the contractor who needs that extra vacuum pull for tough jobs, such as grease or septic sludge, drilling fluids, boat and barge cleaning or longer than normal hose lengths and vertical pulls. The package converts an existing 130-barrel vacuum trailer into a workhorse. With proper hose contractors will be able to vacuum 50’ vertical and up to 300’ horizontal, converting your 130-barrel vacuum trailer into a GapVax positive displacement blower unit. “Productivity and the ability to get more done with less in terms of time and manpower has been a big issue with industrial cleaning in the past, and the SV-11 will load a 130 barrel trailer five times faster than any vane pump system,” says Kate Doyka, who handles Marketing for GapVax.

Understanding the importance of safely executing a project so that it is completed correctly the first time, on time and on budget is crucial in the industrial cleaning market. Finding a company like GapVax and NozzTeq, who can manufacture top notch products needed in order to complete a project with the utmost care and attention to detail, takes the focus off worrying whether the job will get done right so you can focus on running your business with peace of mind and confidence.

Story by Megan McClure

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