NLB’s Semi-Automated Vertajet™ SRT-6LT Makes Surface Prep Easier

The VertaJet™ SRT-6LT from NLB Corp. does surface preparation faster than manual water jetting and is even more ergonomic than previous models. The new handheld unit needs no air connection to rotate the 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) water jets, and it weighs just 20 lbs. (9.1kg).

The VertaJet™ SRT-6LT quickly removes paint, epoxies and other coatings from steel structures and other surfaces. With multiple water jets rotating at 3,000 rpm to create a six-inch (15cm) cleaning path, productivity is very high. Features to enhance operator comfort and safety include ergonomic handles, a counterbalancing system, and dual-trigger operation to dump pressure.

The NLB SRT-6LT uses no abrasive and has vacuum recovery to contain the water and debris, reducing clean-up and operating costs. Maximum flow is 6 gpm (23 lpm).

NLB Corp is a global leader in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jet systems. NLB manufactures a full line of quality water jetting pump units and accessories for contractor and industrial uses, including surface preparation, product removal, tank and tube bundle cleaning, pavement stripe and rubber removal, concrete hydrodemolition, concrete and pipe cutting, and more. For more information visit, or call 248.624.5555.

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