There’s An App for That: New Innovations Unveiled At the 2011 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo

Upon entering this year’s Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo it was hard to know which way to turn or what to look at next. Held in Louisville, Kentucky, all the major players were in attendance: Doheny, Flo Trend, Gap-Vax, among dozens and dozens of others showing off their latest and greatest.

People from all corners of the septic industry came from all corners of the country to see the show, including system installers and contractors, portable restroom pumpers and operators, municipal water and sewer system maintenance managers, and exhibitors catering to every one of those corners of the industry were there, as well. Associations on a national, regional and corporate industry level were there in support of their members. Marketing, promotions, consulting, insurance and engineering companies were on hand to greet current customers and gain new ones.

Educational seminars were held almost every hour on the hour that the show’s doors were open for business, led by speaking who knew their stuff and wanted others in the industry to glean as much as possible from their expertise.

Fleets of pumper, vacuum and combo trucks stood out, spruced up for the occasion, looking their very best. Booths featuring components, tracking software and associations promoting their organizations intermingled with luxury portable restroom companies like Comforts of Home.

There were portable restrooms in a rainbow of colors from canary yellow to vibrant turquoise to deep purple and pale pink. Even pumper trucks came in an assortment of colors. Hi-Vac featured their Aquatech combination machine in a lively lime green and advertised their willingness to customize a truck in cotton candy pink if the customer so saw fit.

American Liquid Waste had an unveiling of their own at the show. Armed with their ipads, ALW CEO and Publisher Gideon Smith, alongside ALW President Fletcher Moppert, were excited to show off their new ALW app and digital version of American Liquid Waste Magazine. Advertisers’ ads become more versatile with the ability to launch videos and websites with the touch of a finger. The online version of the publication is highly interactive as we ride the digital wave into the future.

What will next year’s Expo bring? Well, a new town and new venue, for starters. 2012’s Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Looking forward to it!

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