NSF International’s Test Verifies Big Fish Environmental’s Septage and High Strength Wastewater Processing System

The results from a 13-month verification test performed by NSF International under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ETV Program’s Water Quality Protection Center have been announced, and they are a strong endorsement for Big Fish Environmental. According to Tom Stevens, an NSF Water Quality Protection Center Manager, the Big Fish Environmental System “provides a viable technical solution to the pervasive problem of septage treatment at wastewater treatment plants. The Big Fish System demonstrated effective treatment of septage and high strength wastewaters, making the effluent treatable at a wastewater treatment plant, and making beneficial and sustainable use of recovered biosolids.”

The comprehensive NSF assessment of the system’s performance level was performed at the Big Fish Environmental’s facility in Charlevoix, Michigan. During the verification, Big Fish’s treatment system processed septage and high strength wastewater from a wide range of sources including residential and commercial septic tanks, portable toilet waste, fruit processing waste, municipal wastewater treatment plant secondary sludge, and commercial wastes containing fats, oils and grease.

John W. Campbell, originator of Big Fish Environmental LLC, concurs with the endorsement, “Our discharge into the Charlevoix Wastewater Treatment Plant showed characteristics less concentrated than typical domestic wastewater. We achieved greater than 95% reduction of influent BOD, TSS, phosphorus and FOG. We were also very pleased to verify that our system produces EQ Class A biosolids.” As a result, the Big Fish System biosolids can be used as an agricultural or home garden fertilizer.

Big Fish Environmental specializes in the design and construction of septage and high strength wastewater receiving and treatment facilities throughout the United States. Big Fish works in both the private and public sectors, including collaborative efforts, and its turnkey system is tailored to fit almost any need from a small facility serving a private septage hauler to a municipality handling septage and biosolids. Started in 2004, Big Fish Environmental is recognized as the only facility in Michigan to produce an Exceptional Quality Class A Biosolid and redistribute it as a beneficial fertilizer. To learn more about this cost-effective, turnkey septage and sludge receiving and treatment facility, visit the Big Fish Environmental website: http://bigfishenvironmental.com/

To read the full EPA report, go to: http://www.epa.gov/nrmrl/std/etv/pubs/600r10137/600r10137vr.pdf

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