New Rolling Bed Dryer Solves Many Issues for Green Waste and Organic Residues Special Design allows for low temperature drying, produces homogenous product

For decades, municipalities, producers and manufacturers have been challenged with finding ways to properly dispose of organic wastes in an eco-friendly manner. ALMO Process Technology, Inc. has found a way. The new technology, which combines other drying technologies, is called the Rolling Bed Dryer.

Organic waste products, which in a dry state are usable as alternative fuel or can be transformed to a substance such as charcoal, normally have high initial moisture content and need very long residence times during drying. These are often non-uniform in shape and size, sometimes are contaminated and, in many cases, are sensitive to heat, ignition, emit volatiles or generate explosive fines.

For drying of green waste, the use of either rotary drum driers, belt driers or fluid bed driers has been state of the art. But all those types of dryers have significant disadvantages, such as insufficient product residence times, partial overheating of the solid, inability to use low temperature secondary heat, and poor solid mixing. ALMO Process solves these issues

“The use of low temperature waste heat for drying becomes possible, which is available in abundance, especially at many recycling companies and municipalities. In the Rolling Bed Dryer, the non-uniform bulk material is steadily and homogeneously mixed and stays in the dryer for long retention times in spite of the compact design of the dryer. Even very irregular shredded organic waste or unwieldy bulk-like branches and tree cuttings, bark and leaves or unevenly cut wood chips is conveyed by the dryer in a very reliable way,” ALMO Process President Tom Schroeder said.

The first installation of the new Rolling Bed Dryer is at Topell Energy in The Netherlands. Topell installed two of the new Rolling Bed dryers to convert wood waste into charcoal by a pyrolysis process, which is called "Torrefaction". The charcoal is pelletized to be stored, transported then used at power stations to make electricity. More about Topell Energy can be found at .

The new Rolling Bed Dryer can produce new and alternative fuels from the preparation and drying of organic wastes such as wood chips and green waste – sometimes mixed with fruits or wine residues, sugar beet pulp or even horse manure, all in a safe, environmentally friendly and economical manner.

ALMO Process Technology, Inc. is part of the multinational conglomerate Allgaier-Group Gmbh, Uhingen, Germany which produces Process Equipment for the Food, Dairy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Grain, Aggregate, Mineral and Recycling markets. More information can be accessed at or by calling 513.402.2566.


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