The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) Certification Board has made great strides in maintaining primary and continuing education accreditation status with the Certification Program, as it applies for regulatory licensing. As technology, rules, codes and laws change, so must the educational and procedural criteria.

One of the changes the Certification Committee has had to consider was to review the participation of Associate Members in the program.

A proposed change in the Certification eligibility criteria was made by Associate Director Stephen Brinton with Satellite Industries, Inc. He submitted a Request to Review with the Certification Board, asking that representatives of Associate Member (supplier) companies be allowed to participate in the Certification process.

He felt, regardless of the product or service provided, a sales representative will be asked from their customers different questions concerning proper portable sanitation procedures. Without the opportunity to participate in the educational and testing process of the PSAI Health & Safety Certification program, sales representatives could be denied another level of industry-specific education.

Since representatives of Associate Member (supplier) companies do not meet the criteria of employment with a company that services a portable restroom, restroom trailer or equipment, and/or disposes of the liquid waste at an approved disposal facility, they could not meet the Standards criteria which would allow a Certificate of Compliance.

The following Certification Procedural Changes have been made:
• Any individual who has current employment status with an Associate Member (supplier) company is now eligible to participate in the PSAI Certification Program and testing process.
• Education and testing will provide Associate Member employees with a Certificate of Education.
• An individual who is no longer employed with an Associate Member (supplier) company cannot maintain an active Certificate of Education under the Certification Program.
• All individuals holding a current Certificate of Education under the Certification Program will forfeit this status if the Associate Member (supplier) company goes into an Inactive PSAI Membership status.

The first available date to participate in the PSAI Health & Safety Certification Program will be at the Nuts & Bolts Workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There will be two opportunities to participate in the program. PSAI anticipates large class participation due to the regulatory licensing requirement changes implemented by the State of Illinois and continuing education requirements in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The first class will be Thursday, March 31, 2011, 7:00 am to
12 noon. This is a suggested class for owners, supervisors, management & regulators. The time will allow full participation at the Nuts & Bolts Workshop. The second class is Saturday, April 2, 2011, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm and is a suggested class for service technicians and office personnel as it will provide the least impact on work schedules. There is no difference in the Certification program or testing, for either class schedule.

Certification applications can be downloaded by visiting:, and applicants must sign up fourteen days prior to taking the class. Questions and requests for more information can be directed to the PSAI office at 800.822.3020.

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