Sim/Tech Filter presents the A1-Vault Filter

The all-in-one A1-Vault Filter from Sim/Tech Filter is
a multi-faceted unit for the filtration of water in either pump or gravity flow distribution systems. The A-1 can be used for many different applications including, but not limited to: onsite wastewater, cisterns, pet kennels, and car washes. Cleaning of the A1 is done without having to remove and disassemble it and can be performed while the system is in operation. The A1 filters from outside to inside which allows debris to slough off into the tank and not accumulate inside of the A1. The standard unit has approximately 2,200 square inches of filtration area and there are multiple filtration sizes available. The base height of the A1 can be easily adjusted with the addition of standard 4” sewer & drain or SDR35 pipe. Custom units are also available. 

For more information: Toll Free 888-999-3290

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